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Just my theory of what could happen. 


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He so does, i didnt see it till now!!!!!

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Ok, honestly, I think this promo is a big mindf%$3.

It makes us guessing and I think we're not even close. I'm just going to read the spoilers, ditch my thoughts and hope I'm not getting disappointed with the finale.

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In the other scene, I also think she is no longer wearing the white part of her dress, because in her back there are no straps neither her belt


OMG that's soo true !

Gosh i think i'm too addicted to CB


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They are not confortable they are actors! BTW I can't decide it's chuck's or blair's hand or such like in the "Take me" scene. but we'll see:)

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You see, you see! We are so hard up for some steamy Chair again that we have to dissect scenes to get it! lOl

Come on writers! Get the point!!!!!!!!!

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LOL!  Yeah I know!

Anyway I wondered if we were goig to get a scene like that in an upcoming episode, espcially after the way Ed answered the question of why he'd pick Blair over Serena in this interview...


You can tell he was mentally picturing 'something' at about 1:24 and 1:33 in the clip, when he answers the question. 

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that interview was sooo cute! he really likes leighton ;) haha at first i watched this with no sound and i couldn't figure out what he was saying. when he said "blair" i thought he said "i like her". LMAO! gosh look at the way he smiled when he said blair :O


ily ed westwick

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Yeah I know, I love that interview because it does seem like he might have more than a little crush on Leighton...

And perhaps the feeling is reciprocated by her a bit, because in this pic, even though Chace had his arm on Leigton's shoulder (causing fans to think they had something), its Ed who Leighton bumps her hip up against his crotch, causing Ed to have to readjust himself in front of Jessica! LOL!   


This pic proves it...

Talk about flirting!  lol!

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all im sticking too is that "this is a chair episode" from the people who have already seen it and that its "worth while" and well i cant wait anymro LOL

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