i am smelling another serena and jenny switcharoo!!!

examine the photos ladies and gents. :)

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Taylor is seen wearing "Serena's" dress and mask in these photos.

clues: you can see her witch red nails, the cigarette packet, and her boobs are smaller than Blake's. LOL plus, there is a photo where she's seen wearing the dress but not the mask.


looks like Chuck and Blair are going as Sinners. no surprise there.

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The Serena/Jenny mask gives me the creeps.....

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GG is so unoriginal. recycling plots all over again. and dont get me started about the cliches and borrowed SLs.

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The Serena/Jenny mask gives me the creeps.....

yeah I thought i was the only one. it looks like a mask a murderer would wear *shudders*

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The Serena/Jenny mask gives me the creeps.....

Me too! It would be really pretty if it just covered their eyes but it like covers their entire face... and it looks creepy...

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Dan is going to see Jenny dancing with Nate and he's going to think it's Serena? Maybe Serena gives Jenny her dress because she decides she's not going? Who knows

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I think its been discussed in another thread, but from what I've gathered, I think the most plausible storyline is:

Nate kisses Jenny thinking she's Serena (but instead of moving away like in season one, she kisses him back, not revealing her identity)

Dan sees the kissing, thinks its Serena and becomes depressed because he thinks he's lost her. Throw in Vanessa pining after him and its a season 1 rehash again.

I don't really care about Chuck and Blair to post theories about them.


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I'm so happy Jenny has her natural hair colour back....also, I think maybe Jenny and Serena purposely choose the same outfits? IDK, maybe this is after Serena's new guy, and she want to choose N or D again, so she wants to see who'll be able to tell it's not her just by dancing with her or something? And Jenny makes up with her so they're on good terms again, so she helps her? Lol. So far fetched. There are so many reasons as to why they're dressed the same. I guess we'll just have to wait a see...

Aw, Leighton is so cute as a sinner.

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