Seriously, Juliette. Your Chuck Hate is clouding your judgment. And yes, our little Pat Pat, it is actually like that. Dan should locked up for slander and a lot of shit. I mean why would you marry a guy who made a blog about you having the clap, and be your own personal version of TMZ. I can't even with this. It goes to show SLUT-INA just wants some PERMANENT D until Divorce and decides to want Nate's D.  

Seriously, Dan is more ruined that Chuck by now. He maybe a fucking rapist/accidental murderer but he got to that point because Bart put him through a lot of shit.

I don't see Rufus causing Dan any childhood trauma for him to dream about looking like Kristen Bell and dreams about the chance of sniffing Serena's hair. Dan had a normal background and for somehow he chose to contract a serious case of Multiple Personality Disorder.

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IMO killing someone is the worst...But since we are at it yeah I hate Chuck. Chuck has proven he is a bad guy for 6 seasons now. The only way the writters could ruin Dan is totally changing up his character. As you said earlier, it doesn't make any sense that Dan is GG unless he has multiple personnality disorder . This season has been crappy for Dan, the writers constantly bashing him, sometimes for NO REASON. In the past 5 seasons, we've seen a kind guy, who does shitty things but always tries to patch things up, always feeling guilty for the shitty things he had done. So yeah I prefer Dan, because before making him the ultimate vilain in only 10 episodes, he was the sweetest of them all. Chuck character was bad in season 1-2-3-4-5 !

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