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Question: Is Blair’s baby daddy really Louis on Gossip Girl? —KoriAusiello:  I honestly don’t know. What I can tell you, however, is that there’s a kiss coming up. A kiss that will whip a certain passionate ‘shipper base into a frenzy. A kiss that will have office watercoolers buzzing for weeks to come. A kiss so hot it’s followed by a [spoiler alert]!

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Dan or Chuck. If it's even Blair the spoiler is about

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Serena & Dan is my call. 

Even though it would be so so stupid. 

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Is he referring to a new kiss or to The Kiss of 5x04? If it''s a new kiss, unfortunately I don't see a lot of chances for a Dair kiss after the last episode, at least not so soon. Obviously I hope it so so much!!! Above all considering that the other two options (D/S, C/B) would be a mistake in so many possible ways that it's to long to list them.

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^I'm hoping its a Dair kiss. Every scene in Dan's book has played out in reality (in a somewhat similar way), except for the Dair kiss. So maybe we get that hot kiss in real-life???

ohh, you know what? That scene with Nate (sorry, Derek) didn't play out in real life. Maybe Nate kisses a guy or has a homosexual experience or something? That would create a bit of a buzz i think.

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chuck of course. Maybe i a dream, idk

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Its Chuck and its not a dream, I hope I am totally wrong but I doubt it.

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Probably, if its in 5x07. Apparantly 7 is the Chair episode, like 18 is the dair one (I still think its Dair kiss though :D)


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It could be anyone- Dair, Chair, Derena..... Anyone of those ships will be buzzing from a kiss. Wish he'd give more away! Or there were some new spoiler filming photos!

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My money's on a Derena kiss. It'll be the ultimate end for Dair and we can close and toss that chapter aside once and for all.

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