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so, some people that have been here for a while might remember me, might notice i've been gone for a while, but i've still been watching. and i have some shit to say.

i wash my hands of this goddamn fucking show.

five years of character development?

let's throw it down the drain.

a gorgeous, healthy, wonderful relationship where both of the members are truly happy?

fuck that shit! let's have some abuse instead.

seriously, i can't fucking even.

after everything, fucking everything that dan did, blair doesn't give enough of a shit to even fucking be honest with him. so she goes back to an asshole who makes her unhappy, and weak.

fucking stephanie savage even said, "we crafted the last act of the episode to set us in a certain direction next year."

yeah, and that direction is straight into the fucking toilet because it's just going to be blair being whiny and weak and (it makes me feel sick to even type this) trying to win chuck back like she did something wrong.

like, the fact that blair is going to spend the next fucking season groveling, the way that the writers have so obviously changed their mind and given in to the batshit fans, the way that i have wasted years of my fucking life on this show?

nope. not okay.

"i always put you first, and you bet against me every time."

no you fucking asshole, you traded her for a fucking hotel, and she always had faith in you. take your head out of your fucking ass and maybe you could have seen that.

"you have me."

ha hah hah aha ahahaah haha "you'll still have me" i'm going to throw up

"it's not enough, i need a future."

"then let me be part of it."

then let me jump off a cliff :-) :-) :-)

"i don't wanna be mr blair waldorf. i'm chuck bass."


on a more calm note, can i just say, this scene is absolutely disgusting.

after all of the shit he's put her through, all of the abuse, we have to watch this shit?

we have to watch even more emotional abuse, manipulation?

we have to watch her groveling for another entire fucking season?

because it's not like he actually put her first, i legitimately laughed at that, because she constantly sacrifices herself, her self-esteem, everything, for this dickhead, and he puts her down, again and fucking again.

and then, she still wants to be with him? really?

i wish someone would just shove a fist up his fucking asshole, honestly.

god, and this show is aimed at young women, women my age. this is fucking depressing.

the way the writers portray relationships is fucking ridiculous.

so yep, i wash my hands of this show. i'm done. officially.


tl;dr: basically fuck this.

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so yep. this is me right now.

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One sentence for you my dear: " She declared her love for him on roof of the hotel he sold her for, he turned her down on the roof of the hotel he sold her for." Fuck all that is life.
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Whoa, Calm down? I think we're all pissed with what went down in the finale, and even as a Chair shipper im not satisfied...
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Couldn't have said it better myself. 



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Hon, you're preaching to the choir. I ship CB and even I can see logically that it was awful and made no sense. 


I can't believe I've waited since season 3 for...that...

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ari you are an amazing person i've missed you a lot btw and i totally agree with this

i don't like dair at all, believe me, but ... i have no words for what the showrunner's have done to the gossip girl that we once knew and loved. what ever happened to the blair waldorf that wanted to be a strong, independent woman?

also the laughing version of wmyb omg ahahaha

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FA, you are as usual a shining beacon of hope amongst the pile of shit that is this fandom.

omg patty bless, thank you. mte, and yeah that version can be used as one direction's reaction every time a new person succumbs to the mental illness that is loving them. i'm too far in for this.

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I love you bb, and even though I absolutely agree and have to make myself catch up on every single episode, I feel like I'm still kind of obligated to the fandom to at least finish this horrible series. 11 more episodes, and they already screwed everything possible to an unbelieveable extent, so what the fuck could go wrong? Forever in debt with this fuckery of a show.
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Why on earth would anyone spend time on something he hates or finds pointless when you have a choice? It's not like a job or doctor's appointments. We're talking about a TV show which will be over soon and not to be mentioned again soon after.  WHY would you let it bother you in real life? Why would anyone really waste time on watching if it's not entertaining for you?

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