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i saw that everyone is posting forums about things to keep us occupied during the hiatus...i thought i'd start a discussion about what everyone is watching on tv (etc.) during the hiatus.

me? i've just started getting into the vampire diaries just this weekend! i've become obsessed so i SHOULD be occupied til march 8th.....HOW ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE!?!?!

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I'm watching 24 and Chuck since they have new episodes. Fringe has had a few new episodes too.

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I'm gonna watch dexter season 4 since I had just bought the dvd yesterday. Then I'm gonna try glee.
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I've been watching White Collar & waiting for Psych to come back (This Wednesday) :)

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i've been watching seasons one and two of gossip girl online since this is the first time i've ever seen them, and i can see why everyone thinks season 3 sucks now.


i love love love the vampire diaries! i've also been watching criminal minds and dollhouse (which is doing its series finalie this friday. *tear). I tried watching that Life Unexpected show that took GGs time slot, but i couldn't. it was boring. i wish glee was back on because it was amazing.


i've also recently started occupying my time with reading GG books and fanfictions. i'm a little obsessed.

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Rewatching Glee episodes all the time. Started and caught up on all Make It Or Break It episodes. Surprisingly good show. I've cried a few times if you can believe that. :P

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I'm watching 24

24 returning is the only thing that lifted my spirits.

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i think we already had a thread like this but sure why not?

to whoever said they were gonna watch Dexter-go you! awesome choice. this season was remarkeable andi if you have doubts all you have to do is look at michael c hall's golden globe and SAG wins and John Lithgow's Golden Globe win.

i just got into Chuck since it came back, and i watch Glee episodes from the fall..still watch Office, 30Rock, Desperate Housewives and Grey's each week. and i've been working my way through GG season 1 too for old times sake. and because it was soo good.

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At the moment I'm only bothering to watch The Office.  I might look in to watching Glee and/or Make It Or Break It, since my friends tell me its good.

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Im watching Pushing Daisies and am totally gutted it's was cancelled, I never got a real Olive/Ned/Chuck triangle. I love Ned and Chuck, but there just two perfect. And Olive and Ned would have been so interesting. 

Glee has just started in the UK and im loving it, as is everyone else in the UK, even my dad! 

legend of the seeker, love this show takes me back to the Xena days, re-watching season 1 and Season 2 starts in a few weeks.


^I <3 Make it or break it! 

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