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When I first started watching GG, I always used to try and decide who was 'winning'. As in ships (because let's face it Gossip Girl is essentially one big shipping war) Chair, Dair, Derena, Sernate etc. And sometimes I actually felt my ship was winning. 

But, recently, it feels like, no matter who I decide to ship, I am on the losing side. Or rather everyone is. Bad plot lines accompanied with no character development and repetitive everything just makes me completely despair for this show. (I almost wonder how it is still on air)

It's as if even the best end I could possibly imagine for my OTP at the end of the season would still feel like losing, because the lead up to it was just so abhorrent. 

Now, am I just being melodramatic here, or are even ships the writers are biased towards (ahem Chair) playing an ultimately losing game?


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I say have low expectations for Gossip Girl. Don't expect the awesome writing from S1 and S2. That's gone, the show is what it is. No matter what ship gets together, it will either be in a nonsensical disapointing way, or they will break up miserably causing you to never like that ship again.

My point is, don't get too attached to your GG ships. They won't last. 

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@ Elia Alright first who do you ship??

Well i guess we all agree with AmyGirl's point here that Writting has been poor since S1 and S2 and that they have almost ruined the two main and base Ships Derena and Chair,Though they are still the endgame but instead of making'em more loveable they have been dragging'em,The only thing is why Derena and Chair have still fan following is because of S1 and S2 where they were so Great and that the characters still have that chemistry.

Now i agree that the story line have been poor from last 3 season for the ships (chair and Derena) but unless we get our ending Great i can swallow this bad story line for my Ship(Derena)...

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