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Yup nolan is awesome. I can't wait for his scenes n I love his clothes. So quirky. Bdw do u guys remember nolan in the flashback when he meets emily at her juve camp in the pilot in normal clothes. He looked really good there.bdw do u guys think that daniel actually suspects somethings wrong with emily after what tyler told him. I feel there's a lot more to daniel than they are showing right now. @patteh...those two r dating that's so cute they look really good together. Bdw wasn't emily van camp earlier dating joseph morgan or klaus from tvd or myb I'm just confused. I really hope revenge gets a second season. Its such a good show.
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You know pennfan, I've been wondering the same thing about Daniel. Does he Believe what Tyler told him and suspect Emily? Or does he believe Emily when she lied? I think that he doesn't fully trust Emily now and he does somewhat believe what Tyler told him. I still wonder if Daniel in jail is part of her big plan??? Ashley is totally up to something - I don't know what but she is definitely not innocent (even before she released the photo). Oh, isn't it funny that Daniel and Emily share a sibling like Dan and Serena?? Both guys have the same name?? Blonde girl, brunette boy??
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Oh, isn't it funny that Daniel and Emily share a sibling like Dan and Serena?? Both guys have the same name?? Blonde girl, brunette boy??

lol i must say its a pretty funny coincidence

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My favorite Revenge character is Nolan and my least favorite is Jack. 

Ugh, Jack is just so annoying. He has been obsessed for YEARS with a girl he met for a month when he was like six or something. I want to shake him and be like, "Geez, get over it already!".

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and they're both dating in real life, penn/blake (or were) and josh/emily

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omg i know right, jack's so annoying and he should really get over amanda


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Dude i LOVE this show i think it is my current favorite


Emily is indeed a flawless bitch, so is Victoria to an extent. and I love Nolan too! this break is killing me sigh. Jack is kind of meh.


And haha I'm glad that Declan (aww Connor) dropped that awful accent he had the first few episodes.

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i think PLL is still my favourite, as well as awkward., but revenge is definitely up there. c:

emily is a bamf. and i also love conrad, even though he is a conniving son of a bitch lol.

and fizzy bb <3


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Well I like conrad too he's such an ass though. But nolan ross is right up thr in tvs interesting characters. Well shows just mke sharing a sibling between a couple very normal but I'm sure it would be so hard in real life. @patteh I just started watchng PLL I'm in the middle of 2nd season n I really like the show.. N I guess I kinda ship spencer n toby even though I think wrens really cute.
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my favorite is nolan :) And like ellen, I can't help but like declan too since I loved eric on GG! 

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