This Revenge hiatus is killing me!!!!

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Revenge is the best! I love Nolan but my favorite is Victoria! 

Does anyone else not like Emily all that much? She is a total badass but I can't ship Emily/Daniel or Emily/Jack because  I don't think we've seen Emily as a full circled character yet. She is still for a large part closed off, even though we're starting to see her crack a little bit more every episode, but I'm still waiting for that attachment I feel to Nolan and Victoria. 

Declan is my leaast favorite! He has an accent and I don't get it.



I'm excited for the flashback episode coming up. It's going to be the dinner party where Emily is a cater-waiter. And I think we go all the way back to 1990 too. 

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My favourite is definitely Emily, her evil looks are just <3. I don't like Daniel at all and it would be awesome if Emily schemed to get him accused, but sadly I don't think that's the case. Also I can't stand Decklan grrrr. I can't wait to see what happens next and I am especially looking forward to flashback episode. I would also like to see relationship between Charlotte and Emily some more, I think Em might soften only towards her little sis.

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here's a video of victoria's quotes I found on nymag :) enjoy!

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Victoria is really good. Bdw guys when does revenge come back?
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My favourite character in descending order: Nolan, Victoria and Emily.

Victoria because she just has enough hints of humanity to make her fascinating. If she were merely an arch vilain she'd be boring.

Nolan, because I think it's fair to say he's kindhearted at his core, but there is a whole world left to discover about him. How did he go from the guy we saw in the flash back to the preppy millionaire? 

Emily for obvious reasons of course.


Least favourite probably Declan. It's due to the writing for the character. I like Connor Pablo well enough, it's just that his character either doesn't have a lot to do or inexplicably acts like an idiot.

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I think I heard April 11th, but don't quote me on that. This hiatus is worse than the GG one for me!
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I love Nolan most. But I'm okay with all the characters. My least favorite are Jack and the Amanda (the real Emily).

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@tinatrina, that's why jack and fauxmanda (omg nolan i love you) should just run away together and gtfo the show


and remember when nolan was like to emily, "hey ems! or should i say, ams" oh my gosh :')

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lol. They are both so irritating but I'm assuming that Jack is Emily's one true love so he won't be going anywhere. Blech.

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