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So far, I've come up with a few things out favorite characters NEED to do to at east gain a bit more support on the show.


I'll start.


Blair Waldorf needs to:

Mourn her baby

Take out that bitch assistant that lied to her and nearly bankrupted her marriage


Nate needs to:

Get a storyline that doesn't center around some girl


Lily needs to:

Chill the hell out and respect her mother's wishes


Lola needs to:

Take out serena


Serena needs to:

Give Gossip Gir her site back before she puts out a hit on her.


Your turn.

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mourn her baby (at least more than she mourned losing her 'princess' title. seriously?!)

care about serena/chuck

start being blair waldorf again.



not blurt out secrets (chuck's dowry anyone??)

stop dating guest stars all of the time

tell blair and chuck about tripp's involvement in the accident (or did safy say that that happened off screen?)



be happy and fun (aka not miserable all the time)

happy SL!

same goes for Serena



I can't stand him so I could go on and on but for starters, he should stop acting so sneaky and paranoid. gah



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Needs to plan what she wants to do with her future

Rejoin college and get an education



She needs to figure out her priorities- does she want to be an It Girl or not?!

Needs to stick to a job for more than 5 episodes



He needs to deal with his family drama, once and for all. 

Needs to stop drinking so much and restart his therapy sessions.



He needs to go back to school and take up a literature course.

He should expand his social circle beyond the UES to include other authors and writers. The only people he sems to interact with are UESers and if he keeps that up, he'll never be able to write anything except trashy novels.



I think Nate is doing pretty well right now. I just hope he doesn't regress. 

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Oh and I can't believe no one has said this yet but I forgot to say...

Dan- get a haircut!


and yes they all need to finish college!

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Chuck - needs to call Eva instead looking his mommy again...Nate - needs to go to doctor to check what's wrong with his lip... Serena - needs to go back to LA to start being an Actrees... Blair - needs to go to college again... Dan - needs to call Eric and Jenny and told them he's in relationship with Blair now and asks them to come to NYC because Dan and Blair throw a coming out party as a couple...
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Nate - needs to go to doctor to check what's wrong with his liphaha it's so funny that people are mentioning this. I'm in college so I have a tiny TV and haven't noticed it...poor Chace!

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