Ok so after reading other Gossip Girl fans opinions it has become clear that Vanessa is a very hated character. So I was just wondering if you guys thought the show will keep her or write the character off the show because so many fans dislike her??

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i really don't understand why...i love her :). she's awesome!

SHe brings so much character and honesty from Nate, I mean, she can't just leave after practically telling him she loved him, right?

To answer your question, i'm hoping that the show keeps, she's the only reason i watch the show, but i don't count for much. 

Oh yeah, people hate her because she has such a big part in the show, while she only had a minor part in the book, or something like that. I don't care, really.

I hope she won't get kicked off, or fired, i like her with Nate <3

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I love Vanessa. We all know she's made mistakes, and been a hypocrite in some situations but everyone fails to notice that everyone on the show does that! Vanessa usually feels bad about the wrong she does, unlike some of the characters namely, Blair.

I hope she stays becasue if everyone left BUT "CHAIR" it would be such a pathetic show.

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I personally love vanessa too, i think shes soooo pretty and her and nate are so cute together, at some point this season N & V were the people i would be looking forward to the most in the series, gawd! im so happy they're finally back together, go V, josh please dont kick her out, we DO love her!!

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I absolutely don't hate her. Personally, I'd prefer to see the relationship of Jenny and Nate to grow, but that doesn't change my opinion on Vanessa. I think the writers make her a little too vulnerable than the character described in the novel series.

I'm more so wanting to see Vanessa become that strong-willed feminist I saw in the book, rather than this poor thing on the show. I know that people would have a lot more fun watching that than her crying all of the time.

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Alot of people liked Jenny and Nate so it will comes as no suprise that many fans hate her...

Also, the only proper bitch on Gossip Girl is really Blair.. so any bitchy behaviour from someone else is REAAALY frowned upon.. 


Vanessa should stop hitting off with Nate and try Dan instead.. there's a sure match..

while we are on the subject of Nate, does anyone else think Nate is a totL Player?? he's been with every single girl in the show!! and he says the same thing to every single one of them..

" i love you, never felt this way before.. we are perfect for each other.."

he said it to blair, serena, jenny... and now vanessa.. actually this is the second time with vanessa , i think. :)

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I would love her alot more if she had a storyline that DIDN'T involve Nate.

I prefer Jenny and Nate, they are my fave gossip girl couple. So i guess im kinda biased.

But it doesn't mean i don't like her, but her storylines are bland.

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Tanyaa you are sooo right i hadn't realised that Nate has been with every girl!!!

Wow!!! Worse than Chuck (well almost) lol!!!

Blairs bitchyness is one of the best parts if the show though!!!

Xo Xo

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I agree with tanyaa that Nate is a huge player. Let's see, he's been with Blair, Serena, Jenny, Vanessa, and Catherine... plus that girl from Yale, Jordan. But he didn't even remember who she was in There Might Be Blood. 

I don't think they'll kick her off the show because she does create a lot of storylines. Originally, it was to create conflict between Serena and Dan. Then there was her documentary where Chuck and Blair were trying to get the tape. Then she was dating Nate and was the one that told him that Georgina was at Rufus's concert. And then the whole Nate and Catherine thing where she was involved. And then Chuck in Real Life was about her situation with Blair and Chuck. Now, he's with Nate again and had that fight with Jenny. So they can't just kick her off, no matter how much the fans hate her.

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Sorry, I meant to say "she's with nate...."

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