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with the development of infrastructure, cement production with demand, Now a cement grinding station of the new design, in addition to outside tends to be larger, and also began considering slag separate grinding in Henan heavy industry Corporation to build about a cement grinding station of blast furnace slag grinding production line, ground out a mineral powder directly on the mill-tail joining, so that can not only control of slag powder and cement quality and achieves economies of scale, two in one fell swoop, Cement production due to mixed material of performance not as, like slag this category of mixed material hard mill fine,

if mixed in cement in the together powder mill, dang cement of than table area reached 400~420m2/kg Shi, slag of than surface area also no reached 380m2/kg, and slag of than surface area no reached 380m2/kg, vertical roller mill in cement industry , it of activity on no was inspired, these no was inspired activity of slag on is equal to General of fill material, no played it due of role, mixed into of number on greatly to by limit And after the introduction of separate grinding, we can guarantee to slag grinding surface area more than 380m2/kg, you can greatly stimulate activity of slag, adding 15~30% ore powder mill on the end without affecting the quality of the cement, Their grinding, slag grinding to a 380m2/kg specific surface area more than 50~60 Yuan/ton processing cost, we can according to the local price of slag, own calculation, no catch, now,mtm trapezium grinder , with economic development, cement grinding station of industries turned to large-scale cement grinding equipment, now a cement grinding station instead of small cement plants, Whomp up a milling machine is a cement grinding station, Cement grinding, we've got to look at it as a system, not as a separate device, Heavy industry recommends that the cement grinding vertical mill, whose large output, low energy consumption, in full compliance with the measurement requirements of large grinding station construction, Professional vertical milling machine,

heavy industries,lm vertical grinding mill , in which materials with air lock feeder inlet upon disc Central and hot air from the inlet into the mill, With millstone of turned, material in centrifugal force of role Xia, to millstone edge mobile, after millstone Shang of ring slot Shi by mill roll of grind pressure and crushed, crushed Hou of material in millstone edge was wind ring high-speed airflow with up, big particles directly falls to millstone Shang again powder mill, airflow in the of material after upper separation device Shi, in rotating rotor of role Xia, rough powder from cone bucket falls to millstone again powder mill, qualified fine powder with airflow together out mill, through received dust device collection, that for products, Contains moisture during material in contact with the hot air drying, by adjusting the temperature of hot air can meet different humidity material requirements, that meets the requirements of the product water, By adjusting the separator can be achieved different degrees of thickness required by the product,

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