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Is it definitely Louis' baby? If so, WHY CAN'T WE JUST SEE THE DAMN TEST RESULTS?!


It's not like the baby alone is going to keep Chair from reuniting...

And if it is NOT LOUIS' baby - Why the fuck is he not PISSED?!


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if its louis.... the show is over... unless she miscarries :(

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The baby is Louis', I don't think that he would act so calm if it isn't.

@Blair Shipper, your icon is awesome :D

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@Blair Shipper loving the damon pics.....

they are hot.... they are hot....

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it is louis... why is everyone still wondering? obviously he had to open it to see that it was a paternity test (it didn't say paternity results on the envelope) and even if he hadn't blair couldn't rely on thinking that he hadnt read it as an excuse to lie to his face thats to risky. Her lieing and then him saying i read it, its chucks would make her situation even worse 

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It is weird that Louis didn't confront Blair about her sleeping with Chuck while she was engaged to him.  It seems like that would be an important thing to address.

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And then he called Blair to apologise .... WTF ???

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I have no idea why this lame prince is the one who's apologising after he discovered blair's cheating lol

im still natefused about the paternity test,damn this fucking show!

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did you just open this thread so you can use your pretty ian somerhalder gifs?

just asking.

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^ LMAO, no, but that's not a bad idea! ;) You can never have enough of pretty somerhalder gifs<3 (or damon salvatore gifs for that matter :P).

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