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Im just curious, theres a lot of complaints about the show since the start of season 3... If you were a writer, how would you write it?

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i would make that lily has an accident where she loose her memory and then she must learn the things new and she is totally different lol and can not lie more..=)


oh and i would make blair pregnant from chuckles.. it could be a great storyline..

and i would develope serena and nate more. and i would give elenor and cyrius more episodes..  and jack would be regular like georgina  too..


lol and the other things. hm i must think about this

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I would make sure Rufus and Lily never got married. 

I would make sure Blair and Chuck never got together so they would still be steamy together, unlike now. 

Dan and Serena would be together

I would kill off Vanessa 

Lily and Nate would have an affair. Although come to think of it, Nate might be too good for Lily. 


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Lily and Nate would have an affair. Although come to think of it, Nate might be too good for Lily.



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i would make that rufly are together but not married.. that they only live together in an own home.. not by rufus and not by lily.. i would make that they have their own home..

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NB, DS, Womanizer Chuck.

Enough said

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I would have kept Chuck a womanizer as well.

Too many things to type up....

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Wouldn't have let NYU bring Blair down.

Wouldn't have let NYU become  such a big location for the first half of this season (but apparently they're focussing on it less these days)

Whatever the hell that "Bathroom Boy" thing was with Dan and Olivia. Seriously? Couldn't come up with something better than that for an embarrassing live confession?  Was it worth spending an episode using THAT as their SL? Yeah... I'd scrap that. 

More Eric. I love him :D


(No big changes really. It's only the little things that have frustrated me with this season. Besides the decrease in good writing. I still love the show enough not to change it in any major way.)

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Starting off with giving the characters back their characterizations. (Blair becomes some bonus dignity with that, because I am nice and she lost all of hers.) Turning down the sexism. Trying to make up for the fuckery in S2 instead of making it worse.

I won't go in the details, way too much to write.


Oh, on a more biased note: VUFUS and some proper dair built-up at NYU instead of using this sl to bring blair down.

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One word, five letters. Vufus.
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