not that im looking forward to finding out. im thinking

a.) stereotypical blonde chick, like the one he brings home in 3.1

b.) blair knockoff

c.) boring tramp


no matter who she is im probably going to think its c anyway.

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i really think that she is going to be a blair knockoff...

cause chuck is looking for something familliar to cling on to since he cant remember anything (if the spoilers are ture)

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We will just have to wait and see, now won't we?

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I think it's gonna be . .. .












Wait for it . . ..































































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A Blair knock-off.


Or a complete saint. That'd be something new for the show :P

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I think that she's going to be using Chuck for his money, etc and Blair will expose her.

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The actor who it is rumored to be has been released, go to the spoilers thread to check it out if you want to see it ;)and i posted a little interview she did with our Australian magazine...

Cannot wait til season 4 to 'make fun of the skinny bitch' as Blair would say haha :)

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