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He's a liar though.

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Yeah 'cause Stella knows endgame.
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He's just saying that to keep all fans happy, no matter who THEY want to be endgame... The writers would have an idea but like he said it shifts based on how many more seasons they get renewed for. It's fair enough. 

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The only positive is the mention of Josh Stephanie - please tell me they will take the reins back from Safran who seems to be writing what he wants instead of advancing the plot - You would think watching all the old episodes would make them realise how much they have slipped - instead we get a pact with God

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Yeah right thats great you dont even have idea which direction you want your show to go...

Great writers...

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He's just saying that to keep all fans happy, no matter who THEY want to be endgame...




this is my personal favorite endgame

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They also recently said that Rufus & Lily had character development this season.

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If this were actually true then I think it would be very good news for the quality of the show.  However, GG's Producers have always employed more spin than Shane Warne, so it should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt, then a tequila shot and a slice of lime.

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