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1. Blair/Chuck

2. Spike/Buffy

3. Sawyer/Kate

4. Cook/Naomi

5. Barney/Robin

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1. Chuck/Blair

2. Nathan/Haley & Luke/Lorelai

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1. Blair / Chuck (GG)

2. Alex / Izzie (Greys anatomy)

3. Effy / Freddie (Skins)

4. Rory / Jess (Gilmore Girls)

5. Racheal / Ross (Friends)

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1. Blair/Chuck

2. Seth/Summer

3. Barney/Robin

4. Joey/ Pacey

5.Lucas/Brooke    and  Veronica/Logan


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it's very difficult to me to really love,ship a couple, the only couples i can say i really love are Blair/Chuck and Spike/Buffy, and honestly, i cant choose between the two of them, so

1. Blair/Chuck, Spike/Buffy

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1. Rory/ Logan

2. Dan/ Serena

3. Luke/ Lorelai

4.Chuck/ Blair

5. Rory/ Dean

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1. veronica / logan (hotness personified) ( oh and  that is veronica mars and logan echolls)

2. spike / buffy

3. phoebe / cole (charmed)

4. piper / leo (charmed again lol)

5. jack / rose (haha) also noah / allie (YEAH NOTEBOOK FTW)

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1. Chuck/Blair

2. Nate/Serena

3. Carter/Serena

4. Nathan/Haley (OTH)

5. Lucas/Peyton (OTH)

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1.Sawyer/Kate (Lost)

2.Jayne/Kaylee (Firefly)

3.Chuck and Blair (They are my fav at the moment, but not my ultimate fav)

4.Hyde and Jackie (That 70's Show. Jackie/Fez *shudder*)

5.Ronon/J Keller (Stargate Atlantis. There was no point to her after she went off with Rodney)

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2.Izzie/Alex (Grey's)

3.Mike/Susan (Desperate Housewives)

4.Sawyer/Kate (Lost)

5.Ross/Rachel (Friends)

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