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Question: Where is Jackson sleeping in Mer's house? It went from 3 strays (Alex, Izzy,little Grey) to 4 houseguests. I can't see Alex sharing a room. It might cramp his style.

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What was the name and artist of the last song played in last nights episode 10-14-10, some of the lyrics were : Babe you got what I need, Babe you got my sunshine..

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gina Catanzaro

I am also trying to find out the artist of that last song!!! Does anyone know???

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nasty worm guy, it just made me cring! No more worms on Grey's

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Agreed with yrose.

Alex is in, well Alex's room/George's room.

Lexie is in the attic.

April is in Izzie's old room.

Mer and Der are in their room.

So where does Jackson sleep?

The couch?

The hallway?

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Maybe Jackson sleeps in April's bed LMAO.

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omg whats the song that starts after the ballet scene!? its so funky!! i couldn't find the name anywhere!!

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yeah. i was wondering where jackson sleeps too. i highly doubt alex and jackson are roomies. is there a finished basement...? :S

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Who writes these reviews? You should make sure to proofread them first since they are full of spelling and grammar mistakes

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there is an AMAZING PIANO SONG (and acoustic guitar, also) that starts at 22:20 seconds

WHEN Meredith goes to the Chief's office and ask "When do you think it started?"   (talking about her mom's disease)

It's a beautiful melody, can you please help me to find it????  It's very important to me and I can't find it anywhere....


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Meredith (closing voiceover)

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