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Grey's Anatomy <3

Does anyone know the site from which you can dovnload all 6 seasons of Grey's Anatomy? Just please do not say torrent c (: I have already tried but I failed, so, if anyone knows any good site please write 

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Hello Grey's Anatomy <3

I use the following website and sorry they are torrents, but I live in Australia and that's how I watch this series.

I love this site because

1) it gives you the option to download

2) you can have a long list of favourite tv shows, you can even archive really old ones that have since left our screens.

If you don't like that you could do a google search.

I haven't done a search for the complete series because that would be a few gigabytes of data (just checked my folder and it's a 8.20gb for 24 episodes), I downloaded one episode a week so it didn't chew up all my alloted downloads.


Or you have the last option of waiting til it comes out on DVD.

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Grey's Anatomy <3

Thanks smileyglen  i'll try that site.

Oh and if I wait til it comes out on DVD in Serbia..... No way!!! :D anyways Than you again :)

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Mina Jeremic
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I am from Serbia :)

i use following site, it's more like need to register

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