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sorry not sure the episode number in season 6 but you know

when richard, bailey and callie does the lectures... I love it. it's on now, and i love callie in it.. this episode made me love her more, she is soo adorable lol


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The episode is called 'Time Warp'. I too loved that episode when it first played, I feel they should do some more flashback - lecture based episodes because SGMW Hospital is a teaching hospital.

They only did one M & M in the whole 6 seasons of the show, one M & M after Denny Duquette died, they should of done more M & M's over the years, doctor's are suppose to learn from there mistakes.

I loved Bailey as Mandy, young Richard and Ellis, Callie interacting with Karev.

Yeah more lecture based episodes, we could see Derek, Addison, Noami, Sam and Mark as young interns. Derek and Addison were interns under Dr Richard Webber, Webber taught both of them, Derek tells us in Season One and Addison tells us about Richard Webber teaching her a tough lesson during her internship and she thinks she needs to do the same with Izzie Stevens, that was with the quintulets, one of the babies die.

More Richard and Ellis and their affair, have a young Adele come into the hospital looking for Richard, older Adele mentioned to Meredith she saw her growing up, let's see that.

Let's see Dr Margaret Campbell, she was played by Faye Dunaway, she was a pioneer like Ellis Grey, Margaret Campbell worked with Ellis, we should see them when they were younger, cast a young Faye Dunaway look-a-like.

Some hate the flashback episodes, but if we look at them as lecture based episodes, I think more people will like them, there is so much they can do with this type of episode.

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