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What are your favorite (10) epis of grey's?

Here are mine:

1.Some kind of miracle-got me addicted to the show, and scene where Cristina tells Mer she was getting married to Burke and that Meredith was the one person she wanted to tell... One of the best scenes in grey's IMO...

2.Deterioration of the fight and flight response-amazing acting, every scene with Denny and the interns was phenomenal+George's and Meredith's beautiful reconciliation (George played the big part in it, I loved his little speech)

3.Freedom-MerDer reunion as a climax of the season+amazing wrapping of all the storylines (especially in the last ten minutes)

4.Stairway to heaven-really dark epi in my opinion, but I LOVED it:Meredith's sobbing in the end and Derek being there for her, reconciliation with Cristina, Bailey and crossing the line+at that time I thought Denny the Ghost was gone for good -.-

5.It's the end of the world/As we know it-amazing acting and excellent plot line

6.Here's to future days/Now or never-brilliant and moving two hours of grey's, revelation of John Doe's identity+excellent acting from Justin Chambers (gotta add, Alex fas one of my favorites in these epis)

7.In the midnight hour-Great epi, little bit of old Grey's humor, Lexie asking for Mer's help, how Meredith and Cristina handled out Sadie's surgery (although Cristina was punished unfairly in the end :( )

8.Give peace a chance-Derek centric episode, excellent epi, and probably one of the best epis that didn't involve some major storyline. We got to see a little bit more of Derek's personality, why he became a surgeon in the first place, his dedication for what he does. Loved it...

9.Sanctuary/Death and all his friends-unrealistic, but still made for some good drama-Cristina rocked that epi, she was my favorite in it

10.Grandma got run over by a reindeer-one of the good old epis with humor in it, and the ending scene with Mer, Izzie, George and Doc under the Christmas tree was beautiful, one of my fave scenes in the whole series

Honorable mentions go to: Superstition, Into you like a train, A hard day's night, Where the wild things are and I will follow you into the dark

There, my top 10 and reasons for them. Now let's hear you ;) 

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Freedom - I just loved it all around. The stress of the clinical trial and the Candle House. Alex's turmoil and Izzie's desperation to help him (I liked Izzie here. That's how much I loved this episode) and Callie and Mark were great all around. Give Peace A Chance - Absolutely wonderful. The MerDer moments, Derek rocking that surgery, the attendings helping Derek out. Love it. Sanctuary/Death And All His Friends - Stressful but a hell of an episode. Incredible. Elevator Love Letter - Centered on the right characters and touching. Plus the proposal made the season for me! As We Know It - I wasn't a big fan of the first part but this one was THE episode to me. Mer being the girl with the bomb, Tucker on the verge of dying, Bailey giving birth and Derek panicking over Mer. Can't get any better. The SK arc - Sorry, I have to give these three episodes the same rating. It was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. MerDer disagreement, the McMom, the execution.  Shake Your Groovy Thing - The interns' party? Rocked it all around! I want a ride with Derek too! Into You Like A Train - What can I say? Sad story and sometimes I'm a sucker for that. An Honest Mistake - Derek's breakdown was brilliant. The OR scene was nerve-wrecking. Losing My Religion - Excellent ending to an excellent season. Too bad, that was it.

Honorable mentions: The Becoming, My Favorite Mistake, Drowning on Dry Land, and 17 Seconds.

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Freedom- Mark and Callie(Miss them). The succesful clinical trial. The candle house how I adore that scene. Mer's ramble, that HOT, incredible kiss. Brilliant. MerDer were together forever. No more break ups. And BYE BYE Plant. LOL.

Losing my religon- After a whole season of longing and wanting each other, love takes over and they get it on in an exam room. Incredibly HOT!! Even if it was cheating but dude we all were waiting for it to happen. MD <3

Elevator love letter- MerDer's perfect proposal in their place.. Elevator.

Give peace a chance- Derek's episode. Lots of Derek and MerDer's adorable moments. What can I say? I love my happy MerDer.

Sanctury & Death and all his friends- Meredith was pregnant, we all were happy for a while. Focus on Mer, Der, Cris. Brilliant acting. And we could see the EPIC MerDer love! 'Kiss me scene', I die if you die. Eye for an eye. Meredith's breakdown when she thought Derek died! Brilliant.

The drowning episodes- CPR moment. Derek crying. PD is amazing at crying/emotional scenes. 'This is Ellis Grey's little girl'. Everyone was worried about Mer. The Mark/Derek moment. Cris/Mer after she woke up. And MerDer in bed at the end.

What I am- HILAROUS. Mer on morphine? Can we get another one, or a very drunk Mer? LOL. She was amazing. The whole episode make me laugh. Cris/Mer, 'All my boyfriends are here', McSteamy.. :)

Sympaty for the devil- McMama. I want her to come again, giving Derek her engagment ring to propose to Mer!!

Stairway to Heaven- Love the whole episode. My fav Derek waiting for her outside the prison. EP's brilliant acting. The hug. Cris/Mer made up again.

No good at saying sorry- Mer was amazing with that little girl. So strong and awesome. I love the episodes when they are Mer centric! Richard apologizing to Mer was absolutely perfect. Finally someone saying sorry to her. That scene always make me cry.

More episodes-

Sympaty for the parents-Alex/Mer's awesome friendship, Justin's brilliant acting, MerDer talking about babies

Shake your groove thing - The party and who could forget the 'take me for a ride, Derek?' 

First cut in the deepest- MD elevator kiss, Alison's case

Where the boys are- The boys camping, Mer&McSteamy I loved their friendship too bad they don't share scenes anymore=/ Derek and Meredith at Joes at the end.


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1) The Becoming (the first epi I ever saw, and still my all-time favorite--Cristina's speech about Burke was one of the most moving scenes in the series, and the gay soldiers' couple were amazing)

2) Time Warp--Bailey and her Nazi were hilarious, and the GRID/AIDS patient's case was so poignant. It made me understand Ellis and the Chief's relationship much better, too.

3) Into You Like a Train (that scene where Mer cries out, "what about her?" when they give up on Bonnie is heartbreaking)

4) Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (I, too, am a huge fan of that scene at the end where Mer, Izzie, George and Doc are all lying under the Christmas tree. It really speaks to how incredible this show was in season 2, and how close their bond as roommates was. Even though I've loved the seasons after, there's something so heartwarming about season 2 that I miss very much).

5) What a Difference A Day Makes (I cried my heart out at Izzie's wedding)

6) Stairway to Heaven (Ellen Pompeo should have won an Emmy on the basis of that scene after the serial killer's execution)

7) Time Has Come Today (esp. the scene where Derek comes into the kitchen and tells Mer he's in love with her)

8) Six Days, parts 1 & 2--I just adore the O'Malley family, and the scenes between George and Harold, esp. looking back now that both are gone, are just so heart-wrenching. There was a sincerity and integrity about George that I dearly loved and miss so much

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Here are my top 10 favorite GA episodes which I will never stop loving 

1.What a difference a day makes (Alex/Izzie is my favorite couple of all time whether they are together or not and the wedding was freakin beautiful especially Alex's vows *melts*)

2.Sympathy for the Parents (It was all about Alex and his past and what he went through as a child. This is the episode that I decided that Alex is my favorite character and always will be:D)

3. Time after Time (The Colin Marlow scenes were pretty entertaining  and Izzie's daughter being in the hospital and the scenes where she talks about her and is nervous makes Izzie having a daugther SL my absolute favorite Izzie SL)

4.It's the end of the world (It has everything nail biting drama,humor,sex,touching moments do I need to say any more?) 

5.Six days (George's dad dying was one of the saddest moments in GA history and it showed George in a more serious greiving manner especially with the confrontation with Bailey and Webber)

6.Invest in love (I didn't really care about AZ at first except for being a perky happy peds surgeon but her work and compassion with kids made me really love her)

7.Valentine's day massacre (The SL with the old couple at the restaraunt did it for me I was so into it)

8.Elevator Love Letter (Mer/Der elevator proposal,Alex's voiceover,Izzie's surgery and having the core cast involved for one of their own :D)

9.Sanctuary/Death and all his friends (I was just watching with my hands covering my mouth almost the whole time. I was freakin speechless with this finale my absolute favorite finale of all time)

10.Here's to the future/Now or Never (The limbo with whether Izzie or George would be dead or alive was nailbiting. The post it wedding :D,a time where I thought Cristina/Owen were cute which has quickly passed really amazing)

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there are a lot of great epis. I see lot of people love Elevator love letter. For me, that episode has the best scene in the whole show so far (MerDer engagement ofc), but somehow the rest of it.... I hated how everything was around Izzie. I didn't like the whole "Hey, Denny is back" storyline, and there were better ways to write her off than bringing up the cancer. And I forgot to mention The becoming, I loved that epi. Cristina finally making a revelation about her still present feelings for Burke, plus her singing with Lexie... HILARIOUS!

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This is incredibly difficult. I could never pick my top 10! ever! So a few that come to mind fisrt,

What a Difference a Day Makes

Elevator Love letter

Shake your groove thing

Its the end of the world/As we know it

Losing my Religion

Something to talk about


Sanctuary/Death and all his friends

Rain Drops keep Falling on my head

AHHHHH so many more. haha:)

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Hi! I Stand by me episode and LOVED it all over again. I'm beginning to think it's my favourite, it just always makes me shead bitch-baby tears:)


- the guy with 70% face missing

- Christina revealing Izzie's condition to Bailey and Alex right before the surgery

- OMG! George running after hearing about Izzie's cancer and not to mention CUTIE GEORGE WALKING INTO IZZIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM SMILING, always makes my heart melt.....!!!

- messy unshaved McDreamy, hotnessssssss



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I'm watching Invest in love episode right now:)




remember the part when Bailey orders Karev to take of his shirt, haha I was like: "you go Bailey!"

Hot hot hot, shirtless Karev saving a baby's life, niiice


and McDreamy's look the moment he saw shirtless Karev...pricelesssss:)

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