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teddy tells christina to "find someone else to teach her," so christina does exactly that. she takes it upon herself to find a new cardio god, and her mind keeps drifting back to one in particular. finally, she decides to make an annonymus call to said cardio god bringing them in. ENTER BURKE! this will cause multiply issues among the staff particularly christina and owen because she makes the call but then give up on him coming and then BAM! THERE HE IS BEING HIS AMAZING SELF!!!!

im team burke.

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WOW that would be completely amazing!! I really like Owen and Cristina but I think it would be fun to bring back Burke for the old times.

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@Gaby EE that's what i thought! he would ust mix it up and make the whole world awesome!

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haha i would love for this to happen...and they did mention burkes name more times in that episode/ this season since her left after season 3. normally his name is like taboo or something, but i alwasy loved burke and would love for hime to return

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I would really love for teddy to come back.. I would wish for like the other departed ones but most of them died : (

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i would love for burk to come back and fill in while they found a replacement for teddy. i think the webber would bring him back though instead of owen.. kind of like when he brought addison back because they needed her at the hospital but he also enjoyed watching the drama i think lol

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