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Maybe we have done this before, I can't remember...But, who are your 5 least favorite Grey's regular or semi-regular character's ever? and why?

1. ROSE - because I said so!

2. ROSE (I know, but, seriously, I hated Rose!)

3. Hahn - she was overly mean to Cristina, and I feel somewhat protective of Cristina as a character.  She was a bad teacher, and I hated her with Callie. (plus she always made me think of Silence of the Lambs, and that movie creeps me out!)

4. Thatcher - he is a spineless coward

5a. Sadie - she just annoyed the hell out of me, and she was way to freaky (letting them do an appendectomy on her????!?!?!??)

5b. Couldn't decide between Tucker and Sadie so they both take 5 (Rose really did need at least two spots).  Tucker was totally unsupposrtive of Miranda and I felt he was a whiney and jealous twit.

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lets see.....

1. ROSEEE!!- because she is an ugly bitchh ughhh she stole mcdreamy from meredithh ugh i hate her and her big bug eyess

2. Erica Hahn- eeewww i just hate ehr she was verryy rude person and had a yelling probnlem and she drove me crazy and she is just soo uglyy i mean like look at herrr eww!!

3. AVA!- ugh i hatred her too i just hate the way she talks and how she was all like up on alex and i didnt like her up on him like that he just belongs with izziee and she is a stealerr!!

4. Sadie- she just rolled up and thinking mer was her bff and she wasnt and she just pissed me offf! and i mean really who wants a freakin appi

5. Swinder- i really just didnt like her she was just like trying to second guess shepherd in his 1st surgery back from his breakdown and i hated that and like she was justt like ruddee! eww


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1. AVA- HATE HATE HATE AVA. Omg, shes nuts. Please never come back.

2. Rose- Same shes nuts, who purposley cuts someones hand in the middle of brain surgery?!?!

3. Thatcher.

4. Hanh- She was so horribly mean to everyone, itwas just annoying.

5.Nurse Olivia- Skank.

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1. Rose - obviously, she got in the way of Meredith and Derek!

2. Thatcher - I just don't like anything about him.

3. Lexie - just never liked her!

4. Hahn - mean and too serious and cold.

5. Sadie - insane!

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1. Callie- not a fan 2. Ava- crazy 3. Lexie- I don't mind her, but I wish she had a smaller role 4. Erica- meanest character ever Only have four:)
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1: Rose beacuse first thing never ever take another girls man!!!

2Ava just ewwww

3 burke you dont need to leave her beacuse she dosent want the same as him

4 Sadie shes just not in it well

5 mix between lexie and thater Hate both of them

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Well, I liked Sadie. She had a pretty loud entrance, but she just didn't seemed to be able to get "into" the entire show an didn't really strike me as Mer's best friend, there wasn't real chemistry. But she was ok.

Don't really want to mention Burke (Isaah Washington) couse it isn't nice to talk bad about anyone and enough was already said.




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Oh, I only have two caracters (that I doin't like just as much) :)

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I'd like to say ROSEx500000 but...

1. ROSE- Like really? She's so bitchy. She knew Derek was still in love but she dated him anyways. And then, when he broke it off, she got pissy! But she knew it was coming! I HATE HER SO MUCH I WOULD HAVE LAUGHED IF SHE DIED!

2. Ava- She was kinda crazy.

3. Thatcher- He was spineless like other people said. And he just messed EVERYTHING up! Like he slaps Meredith when she didn't deserve it and then begs for forgiveness. 

4. Sadie- She messed everything up and never really fit in. She and Meredith may have been friends before but it died by the time she got to SGH. AND she made the little bit of MerDer time in the middle of the season smaller!

5. Hahn- She was WAY too intense. Then she left Callie broken! Poor Callie!

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I really don't like Lexie!

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