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Just 5? Too little!

Teddy - I used to like her but now she's pointless. She's an extra body that occupies screentime. April - Whining, crying baby. Boo-hoo. Grow up! Owen - Another character I used to like but now I don't. Rose - Well, duh! Izzie - Hated her until the day she left.


Runner up: Lexie. She gets on my nerves a lot!

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Rose- Oh god. What the hell was the point of her? To make us MerDer fans suffer some more? =/

Teddy- Patethic woman. Did she seriously was in a war?

April- Patethic, whiny little girl. She is so NOT a surgeon. God forbid anyone is like her.

Izzie- I used to like her in S1, 2 but I was glad she left.

Arizona- I just don't like her.

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Oh and I forgot Thatcher- Weak, coward man. Who leaves a 5 year old inoccent little girl without a fight, because he couldn't stand his wife cheating on him? And start another family like his first daughter never existed?

Lexie- Sometimes she gets on my nerves. Esp. in S4 when she pretened for Meredith to accept her as her sister, like her father never replaced her etc.. but in S5 I liked her a bit. In S5 she was ok sometimes.

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I have a list of characters I DISLIKE (I agree with the ppl who said that hating fictional characters is a bit too strong)

-April (she annoys me a lot and I will just have to wait till S7 to give my final opinion)

-Thatcher (how can you leave your 5 year old without a fight?)

-Ellis (Do I have to even explain why?)

-Rose (she was too sweet and innocent for my liking)

-Erica (I never liked her @ all and wondered why she became a regular then left)

I enjoy all the main characters and hopefully the cast won't grow anymore

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1. Rose

2. Ava

3. Thatcher

4. Erica

5. Sydney

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1. Rose- she was the stupiest person in the planet, I mean really "I'm pregnant, Gotcha" stupid bitch.

2. Thatcher- because he is a douche

3. Lexie in S4  becasue she was annoying and expected Meredith to be her sister, and I hated Lexie the most when she told Meredith that she had failed to meet her expectation as a sister. In S6 on the"Tainted Obligation" episode with the "give me my dad back" speech to Meredith. Lexie won me over until that moment.  I mean really Meredith didn't steal you dad Lexie and she didn't have to give Thatcher shit. Hated in those occasion and I'm waitng for Lexie to win me over again.

4. April- she annoying and she got on my nerves this season, wanted for someone to beat the crap out of her.

5. Teddy- because she is pointless

6. Susan- because she was such a wimp when it came to Thatcher, I mean really you know the guy has daughter you don't bother to push him to find his daughter and be part of her life. Wimp.


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I forgot April!!!! I hate her!

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oh and FINN!!!

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TEDDY (i think i don't need to explain why) Rose ( she had sex with McDreamy, which is enough reason for not liking her) April ( i don't get why she is still on the program) Ava ( never liked her) Finn (McVet just makes me wanna McVomit)
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1. Denny. Never liked him much... hated him even more when he came back! He just ruined things, and he was like the whole s2 storyline.

2. Ava/Rebecca/WHATEVER! She was super annoying and desperate!

3. Teddy. I like Cristina and Owen just the way they are and Teddy doesn't need to come and mess things up!

4. April. SOOO ANNOYING!!!

5. Arizona. It sounds weird but she just.... bothers me... I like her a little i guess. Maybe her and Rose can have a tie. Because Rose should be on this list for being sooo very pointless.  

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