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So I have been waiting for the whole Izzie Alex closure thing this season, but nothing so far. I want to know what you guys think. Should they just make Izzie die and see how it effects Alex? What do you think will happen as the closure, because I really want to know. They were one of my favorite couples.

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I thought the Izzie sending the divorce papers, and Alex signing them towards the end of season 6 was closure, or its atleast probably the only closure we're going to get

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I read a spoiler that KH was coming back at the end of season 7

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I highly doubt that she is...

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i don't think kh is coming back. she'll propably die and he'll find out by her mother or something like that.

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Actually SR had planned to kill Izzie off but couldn't go through with it. I don't know that we will ever see closure between A/I (although that's all I want CLOSURE even without KH)

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I don't think Katherine Heigl will ever go back to the show to give Izzie and Alex the closure that they need. Personally, I think it'll be best if they mention that she died just because I want to see how that will affect Alex. And I think it'll be easier for him to move on if he knows she's really not coming back.

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Valid points.

Kill her off. OFF WITH HER HEAD! XD

But seriously. Killing her off won't help anything. Yes, it would be interesting.

But that's like saying they should have killed Burke off to give Cristine closure. - which to be honest, knowing he wasn't probably should have been a better idea. Much better then her getting left at the alter as it would have been more wounds for Cristina.

Aside from her though, I think Alex/Izzie were over. I don't expect closure. It's just when Shonda bring's up Izzie, I get curious. Every character who has left sounds interesting enough to know about as they're not there on the show anymore.

Wither they choose to kill Izzie off or not, is up to Shonda, but if she does, that means there are definitely no chances of Katherine Heigl will come back. But I highly doubt she would anyway. The actress is not only stubborn, but she is arrogant and too self-righteous. From previous articles I have read, she sounds like a stuck up bitch.

I think someone else should have played Izzie. Izzie is too opposite from Katherine to be portrayed by her.

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like someone said above...the divorce papers were considered the "closure"

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First of all, whether or not you like katherine heigl, there is no denying that she was asolutely amazing as Izzie Stevens (see season 2 finale).

Ok anyway about closure, Shonda debated killing Izzie offscreen but later publically stated that she decided against it because she felt it would destroy alex beyond repair. She did say that there will be closure for Alex and Izzie in SEASON 7 and sais she was open to Heigl returning but either way the fans and alex will get some closure. Oh and Katherine Heigl also has stated that while she has moved on from Greys, she would possibly be open to returning for a guest appearance of some sort.

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