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what is going on with Meredith's hairr? Back in the second season she has such lucious, silky and gorgeous hair, with bouncing curls. Up until season 6, it was still pretty good. Now, it looks like straw! It's so thin, and not to mention the cut is hideous!! The bangs look horrible! It's a very unflattering look and is washing her out! And also April had some weird, cheap colour going on :s

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I actually love her hair now ;)

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yeahh mers hair doesnt bother ass much i like itt. ah a

but NO IDEA whats going on with aprils hairr look a little strangeee

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well, i dont like mer's hair since like season 4 when she got short hair, i loved the longer hair , i think it makes her look younger, but i actually like the bangs...

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