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the quest- bryn christopher

to build a home-the cinematic orchestra

you and me-lifehouse

grace-kate havnevik

breathe-anna nalick

white horse-taylor swift

and any greg laswell or snow patrol song :)

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The quest music video on youtube... amazing!

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obviously i can't pick one, but i really like roll it by jstatus, shontelle and rihanna.

it was a few episodes ago, in before&after i think. grey's made me love mat kearney and brandi carlile.

annd i think the song drifting further away by powderfinger was perfect at the end of stairway to heaven, now everytime i listen to that song i think of that cute merder moment :)

grey's anatomy is a genre in my itunes :)  i just love all the music they use! it makes everything so much better.

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Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

Lenka - Trouble is a friend

The Frey - How to save a life


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I really liked the song about Derek and Addison, in Before and After. Do you think we'll ever be able to download it or something? It's only on youtube now.

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Which episode did they use the Lifehouse song? Man, shows how much I pay attention...

I'd say "Chasing Cars" and "How To Save A Life." Great songs, IMO. They always remind me of seasons one-three and the year 2007 o.O  Haha.

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Grey's really uses AMAZING music...

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My favourite is Ida Maria- Keep me warm... when I hear this song, I always think of Meredith and Derek and house of candles :-)

and Chasing Cars, and also Broken- Lifehouse...

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Hooked on GA & love Mcdreamy
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oh it's hard to choose a favourite song...I've got too many songs :D

The Slip - Life In Disguise

Powderfinger - Drifting Further Away

Keane - Somewhere Only We Know

Gary Jules - Falling Awake

Ida Maria - Keep Me Warm

Tegan and Sara - Fix You Up

Snow Patrol - Make This Go On Forever

Travis - Love Will Come Trough

and so on!!! :D

yep, the music of Grey's is very unique/special!

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where does the good go - tegan and sara

white horse - taylor swift

breathe - anna nalick

all i need, where we gonna go from here - mat kearney

somewhere only we know - keane

broken - lifehouse

chasing cars - snow patrol

diplo rhythm - diplo

drifting further away - powderfinger

keep breathing - ingrid michaelson

keep me warm - ida maria

sky - joshua radin

throw it all away, the story - brandi carlile

where i stood - missy higgins


grey's anatomy is a genre in my itunes :) hard to pick one favorite, i love so many of them!

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