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One artist I have seen listed only once and even I forgot to list before is KENDALL PAYNE

Each time I listen to Kendall Payne 'Scratch' I have to play it 10 times straight.

Another songs by her 'I Will show You Love"

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Keep Breathing-Ingrid Michaelson

What Can I Say-Brandi Carlile


Grace-Kate Havnevik

Breathe-Anna Lalick

Diplo Rhythm- Diplo

Scratch-Kendall Payne

I Hate Everyone-Go Set Go

Throw It All Away-Brandi Carlile

No Where Warm-Kate Havnevik

Drifting Further Away-Powderfinger

Swan (By My Side)-Unkle Bob

Open Your Eyes- Snow Patrol

Feel it Coming- Sara Melson

Into the Fire-Diego Arenas

Fools Like Me- Lisa Loeb

Where does the Good Go- Tegan and Sara

Don’t Forget Me- Way Out West

Today Has Been Okay- Emiliana Torrini

The Way That I Am- Ingrid Michaelson

The Planets Blend Between Us- Snow Patrol

Falling Awake- Gary Jules

Movie Star- Roisin Murphy

Call It Off- Tegan and Sara

Quest- Bryn Christopher

All I Need Alex/Izzie- Mat Kearney

Falling Out of Trees" by Barcelona

i lovee them songss they r amazinggg!♥



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Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol

lol I love that!


CSI Lasvegas dvd boxset is my favor I like it so much

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chasing cars - snow patrol

off i go - greg laswell

& mat kearney & tyrone wells are amazing too!

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chasing cars-snow patrol

how to save a life-the fray

little pieces-gomez

weight of us-Sanders Bohlke

comes and goes (in waves)-greg laswell

off i go-greg laswell

sink and swim-tyrone wells

i loveeee manyyy mmoree

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 I've been trying to download Halo ever since I heard it but I can't find it anywhere. I listen to most of songs on youtube.

here are some great pages with loads of music:

there's a few others but these have quite a few songs on them.

My favorite songs are:

"Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol "Keep Breathing" by Ingrid Michaelson "The Quest" by Bryn Christopher "Off I Go" by Greg Laswell 

"Nowhere warm", "Halo" and "New Day" by Kate Havnevik


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Swans by Unkle Bob, All I Need by Matt Kearney, Never Bloom Again by The Perishers,  Break Me Out by The Rescues, 9 Crimes by Damien Rice, The Cure For Pain by Jon Foreman, Pitterpat by Erin McCarley, Grace by Kate Havenvick, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. There's so many I just can't think of right now.

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'How To Save A Life' - The Fray

Breathe - Anna Nalick

And the song played during Alex/Izzie's wedding....

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my all time favorite song is "love will come through" by travis

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Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol unfrogetable season 2 finale. I cry everytime but people always make the same mistake. ITS THE ACOUSTIC VERSION!

2AM(Breathe) Anna Nalick S2 E17 As We Know It   That song is just beautiful

OHH! Sink or Swim-Tyrone Wells Season 6 promo. The moment i heard it, i bought it off iTunes

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