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hi guys i was just wondering, when you hear a certain song, on the radio, on your iPod,whatever, which greys couple do you think of????

MerDer- Going Down/ Love in an Elevator by Aerosmith because the elevator is like their thing lol

Izzie+Alex- I've Got You by Mcfly because Alex has been there for Izzie all through everything she's been through, with the cancer, George, and Denny

Owentina- I Don't Wanna Say I'm in Love from the movie, Hercules, because christina doesn't want to admit her feelings,she hides them

Slexipedia- Hey Juliet by LMNT because Mark and Lexie wanted each other but it was forbidden, like Romeo and Juliet

Calzone- She's A Rebel by Greenday, because Callie went against her usual standards for dating

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MerDer- You Found Me by The Fray because I think it just totally applies as well as It's Not Over by Daughtry.

I can't think of any for other couples really...

Oh and @McSammiRose  I love Hercules 

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haha lol hercules is great I CAN GO THE DISTANCE!!!! for MerDer i like everything by michael buble, there are a lot of songs that are good for MerDer lol
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i mean the song, everything, i didnt mean all of hi songs lol XD


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I can go the distance is like my favorite song! OMG lol 

Oh I thought of something:

Huntina: Over My Head by The Fray

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Chasing Cars - Izzie and Denny. No need to explain I think. (:

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i think lots of songs and merber scenes! they just work!

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I agree McSeriously Obesested!

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MerDer - Love In An Elevator - Aerosmith OR You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift

Gizzie - How To Save A Life - The Fray OR Sink Or Swim - Tyrone Wells

Izzex - Stand By Me - Ben E. King

Denizzie - Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Calzona - You Found Me - The Fray

Marlexie - No Boundaries - Kris Allen

Burkstina - Heartless - Kanye West/The Fray (The Fray's cover is so much better!)


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Somewhere Only We Know by Keane fits Meredith and Derik very well.


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