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We all have Grey's obsessions in common, but what are some of your other favorite tv shows?


Following Grey's, my favorite tv shows are One Tree Hill and Private Practice, and The OC although it's not on anymore. Grey's is by far the best though.

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Hm... I'd say I Love Lucy, Joan of Arcadia, Friends, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, anything that has something to do with Seattle, T.R. Knight or Green Day, and several YouTube shows.

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my all time favourites: GREY'S ANATOMY (obviously), PRIVATE PRACTICE, DEADWOOD, WEEDS, FREAKS & GEEKS(yummy, James Franco), CSI MIAMI (David Caruso), COVINGTON CROSS (Nigel Terry is so hot in this , otherwise somewhat like a soap in the middle ages), FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR (carlton dance still cracks me up), ROSEANNE, SUPERNATURAL, COSBY SHOW (just watching it makes me feel good and happy even though it can be a bit mushy sometimes), DEAD ZONE (I used to have a thing for Anthony Michael Hall, here I also discovered Jeff Buckley), HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (what a cast, Jason Segel, Neil Patrick Harris, wish I was David Burtka, HAHA, just kidding), FELICITY (used to imagine college is really that much fun, loved the music in the show)..... be continued...

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Grey's Anatomy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

private practice, lost, secret life of the american teenager, american idol, desperate houswives, brothers and sisters, ER, ugly betty, americas next top model!

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grey`s fan forever
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Obviously Grey's Anatomy is my all time favourite show =D

Next (far away :)) ) comes : House MD,CSI:NY,Private Practice,American Idol,ER,Greek,Scrubs and some other shows :)

But Grey's was,is and it always be my favourite show

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Grey's Anatomy, 24, lost, bones, prison break, frasier, friends.

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Greys Anatomy!!!

One Tree Hill, House MD, Gilmore Girls, OC, Prison Break, Friends, Private Practice, How I met Your Mother, The Simpsons...

but Grey's is the best!

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Hooked on GA & love Mcdreamy
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Well, of course Grey's Anatomy is my favourite! <333

I also like Desperate Housewives, O.C., Gilmore Girls, The Simpsons, Friends, and King Of Queens.

>>>Grey's 4ever!!!<<<

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Greys Anatomy :) The Office, Friends, Sex and the City, Prison Break, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld

I think I should start watching Private Practice? lol

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