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My favorite relationship Is Merideth and Derek I find it so cute how they are toghter even when they were not and Derek was with allison they were flirting and always toghter with the candle house and and the engagement ring how he was trying to win her back when she was with the vet  I find it all soo cute I just found him evil when he took his fustration on her and baseballed the ring in the wood but the chief shoud not have told Merideth about the ring. But in conclusion I love meriderth and derek toghter so merder for me:DDD

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i 100% agree with Izzie :]

like their just so adorable together and how even when the tried to be just friends they were still in love anyways :)

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me too! 100% merder. their chemistry along with all the things you both said, make them the best part of the show :)

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Yay every body loves merder hahha it sounds like murder!! Ya i agree with you that it is chemistry all along! they are made to be togther :D

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i'll be the first to switch it up...

cristina and owen :)

they're so cute. even though they're a relatively new couple, you can really tell they love each other. i used to love burke and cristina...but now seeing how cristina is with owen, it's easy to spot that cristina never really loved burke. owen compliments cristina and i think she truly loves that. that is why they're my favorite !

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I agree that Meredith and Derek are the best. They have the chemistry and the love. They have the best scenes and everything. They are the reason I watch the show... well, I love the show...

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George and Izzie.  hands down!!

B/c they are each other's person.  B/c they have amazing chemistry together.  B/c they just get each other, sometimes w/o needing any words to be said.  B/c they started off as just friends and it just grew and grew into this amazing thing that is George and Izzie.  B/c they are SO much better together, then not.  B/c of the linen closet scene.  B/c of the kiss in the elevator.  B/c they are so beautiful that even their break-up scene was full of chemistry and was amazingly touching and beautiful-- that kiss on the shoulder-- that dance.  And after everything-- after all the silence b/t them, when they look at each other and talk, IT"S ALL STILL THERE!!!!


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I know people may want to kill me but... George and Meredith.



1.Derek was never in the show.


2.Lexie wasn't in the show.

I think those two would be a great couple, they're exactly like each other!

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Hahahaha now I do want to kill you like you said but Derek and merideth are cute and if Lexie and Derek have to be in the show or else it would be soo boring and Izzie and george like Graysaddiction said are cuute together but so are Izzie and Alex. And Like dinofigg said Owen and Cristina are cute together and she really loves him! I just plain love all the couples but for torres and George

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Right now, Owen and Cristina!

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