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SO in tonight episode lexie has two options. the sneak peek we saw mark pushing jackson at lexies side which is horrible, because we don't want lexie and jackson together . We love slexie.

2. Mark is going to support lexie and in the end they will be together..


So what do you think???

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I always thought Lexie and Jackson were cool. They hinted at them all throughout the season. Mark WAS selfish and inconsiderate to simply spring it on Lexie. I wouldn't mind Lexie/Jackson if they took things slow and took the meaningful route vs Alex/Lexie's moments of haste.

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omg we all know tha lexie and mark are perfect together like at this point it's annoying that the writers would continue to pry them apart. that scene with the peanut butter cups was so cute and clearly shows how well mark knows lexie. i think jackson will and should end up with april 

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Stefi(GA is my life!)

Mark and Lexie are my favourite couple of all times!!!

I was and AM always on their side,but it hurts me to see Lexie so heartbroken... when she said : he is leaving me behind,again... It is so painfull,and she doesn't deserve it.Going out ONCE with Jackson wouldnt hurt,they can have fun date,she needs to calm herself.

As for Mark,he needs to work his butt OUT to get her back because they are meant to bea together,you said it yourself,with the peanut cups,he knows her so well :)) And he need to make it sure that he ACTUALLY slept with callie because he missed Lexie.

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Who will Lexie Grey choose: Mark or Jackson? Vote!

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I hope that Mark and Lexie will be together, soon. Like you said only mark knows her, pinda butter cubs!!! Jackson just took advantage of the fact that mark knows her better then him. I think that it was Bitchy of him to tell mark, that Lexie didn't told him anything, and for that he do not diserve her.

Mark and Lexie forever

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Mark and Lexie for sure!! They're both good for each other they just need to find a way to balance out one another. And anyway, Shonda has hinted a lot that they'll end up together it'll just be a slow and agonizing journey.

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Mark and Lexie FOR SURE!!!


Whats your favorite character, couple, episode, love triangle, elevator scene, friendship???? voice your opinions at:

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The whole reason I started liking the show was the Mark/Lexie development in Season Five, so definitely them!

Not to mention, I just don't really like Jackson as a character, let alone with Lexie. Every week he's complaining or manipulating people or lying - I just can't feel any sympathy or want to root for him, because they haven't exactly made him a likable character.

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cmon now. everyone knows that mark and lexie are perfect for each other, point blank end of story. Yes, mark has had his chances over and over again and continues to let lexie down just as she continued for so long to push and push him away, no matter what he did right. they both have had their faults through out this. but mark clearly knows lexie soo well that jackson couldnt even compare. it wouldnt even be fair to jackson in the first place to be completely honest. the fact that jackson, even though he knows it was wrong, tried to find out what was going on with for her, a surgery (A BRIBED SURGERY). i think that the writers will let jackson and lexie do some drinking and sleeping around until she finds out that MARK is the only reason why she would even gve jackson a thought in the first place..HELLO  REECES!!! cmon now. if jackson hadnt manipulated that situation at the last minute with that tid bit of information with mark, lexie would never be goin out with him. jackson said it to mark in the first place, we dont talk like that, were not friends. so shame on mark and shame on jackson. except mark's reason for doing what he did (bribing jackson) was actually legitimate :-) GO McSTEAMY

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