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i think owen is cute

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I know it's totally old, but it's still funny!

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yeah, owen is like "a breath of fresh hot air, the new hotness HEHE"


I love redheads, like ERIC STOOOOLTZ!! love him. Maybe he could come back as a ghost and make a nice couple with Sadie. she is dark and twisted and likes to operate on herself, he is a serial killer, they would be a nice match



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lolololol too bad she didn't get to meet him when he was alive!

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1: Meredith and McDreamy of cause!<3

Not in order

- Christina and Burke (I'm not a big fan of Owen - and no he's not hot ?)

- George and Izzie (Back of Torres!)

- George and Lexie (I think they should stick together)

- Alex and Izzie (I like alex more and more for each episode. especially the one where he cries over Eva/Rebacca. He really is a good person)

- Alex and Rebacca (before she went crazy. The scene where she shows up at the hospital and the whole "chickened out thing" wow the kissing scene I could just feel the butterflies in my stomack!)

- Alex and Addison (I kown they weren't a real couple but I really loved the allmost kissing scene between them at the hospital..)

I guess I'm a fan of Karev.

- Sloan and Lexie



George and Callie

Erica and Callie

Sloan and Callie (I guess I'm just not a Callie fan)

Izzie and Denny (okay they were cute, but I glad it didn't work out.)

George and Meredith (that's just wrong, he's so much better with Izzie)



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Rebecca/Ava was terrible. I'm so glad she got sent to a mental facility.

George and Izzy would be good if they weren't doing it behind Callie's back.

Callie and Mark are a good couple!

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my thoughts exactly :D

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best couples;

1. meredith & derek of course!

2. cristina & burke or cristina & owen, i think both are cute couples.

3. alex & izzie

4. izzie & george

5. alex & addison

6. addison & mark

7. lexie & george

8. callie & arizona, they should be together!

9. bailey & sam (from private practice, in the crossover they looked like they would be so cute together!)

10. callie & mark are cute too!


i could think of so many more :)

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