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Honestly I love all these couples equally and for all different reasons. Each couple has one thing special about it:

(1) MerDer (season 5, )

(2) Cristina and Meredith

(3) Ellis and Richard (back in the day.....even though they were both cheating, they both really loved each other

(4) Burke and Cristina

(5) Bailey and the Chief

(6) Mark and Derek

(7) George and Izzie (seasons 1-3, when they were BFFs)

(8) Izzie and Denny (whether he's dead or alive)

(9) Izzie and Alex (Now that he's finally letting himself love her)

(10) Mer and Sadie (they have this whole past together that i'm so curious about)

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i agree... fan fic writers are better writers than the writers now!

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Couple wise...


1. MerDer=<3 (best nicknames, best lnes, best ever)

2. Lexzie=<3 (love the love/hate relationhip)

3. Mallie=:D (deep down they love each other)

4. Huntina=:D (intense and full of fire)

5. Gexie=:3 (awkward fluff, they are so cute)


6. Burktina=:) (drama, i love drama)

7. Maddison=:) (they were hot!)

8. Addex=:) (they were hot too)

9. Dizzie=:S (not really a fan, but they were an emotional couple)

10. O'Callie=:3 (when they were ok, before George and Izzie=)


Friendship wise...

1. Meredith/Christina=:D (they're each other's person)

2. Derek/Mark/Owen=:P (3 McMans, they should have a guy's night out, lol)

3. Izzie/George=:) (they are bffs, siblings almost)

4. Meredith/Alex=:) (they're both messed-up and complicated)

5. Callie/Bailey=:) (advice and insight)

6. Addison/Chief=:) (wise, full of experience)

7. Meredith/Addison=:) (random and funny)

8. Callie/Addison=:) (girly)

9. Meredith/Christina/Izzie/George/Alex=:) (fab five)

10. Joe/Others=:) (alcohol + bad day = confessions)

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1. Meredith and Derek!- Oh my god! <3 best ever of all time in the history of TV!!!!! McDreamy face melts my heart!

2. Mark and Callie- its gonna happen for real not just sex

3. Alex and Izzie- GO AWAY DENNY!

4.  George and Lexie- if it happens...YES!



1. Meredith and Derek- always!

2. Burke and Christina- good stuff, soo cute!

3. Mark and Addison- they deserved each other  

Thats all that I liked really.

Friendship wise...

1. Derek/Mark- In time, Derek was able to forgiver Mark for sleeping with his wife. That is true brotherhood friend ship. 

2. Callie/Addison- cute!

3. Callie/Bailey- They have this way of communicating that I love its a very deep friendship.

4. Meredith/Alex- (earlier seasons) 2 messed up peoples

5.  Meredith/Christina/Izzie/George/Alex- NAZI'S INTERNS FOR LIFE!

6. Joe/Anyone- I love joe!

7. Izzie/ earlier seasons...before they made it complicated by turning their friendship into a relationship. 

?- Christina and Meredith- Im not sure where to put them. Christina is annoying! She is so unsupportive when it comes to MerDer. It's finally working out. Dr. Wyatt was right, when she told Christina that she was scared to loose Meredith. Christina is just jealous!

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a very late answer on '

dinofiigg why did you put MerDer 5th? YYYYYYYYYYY???

Aradhana_Yang why do you like Christina and Owen? 

Posted 11/9/2008 5:06:45 PM # ' of greysanatomyismylife: (sorry, totally forgot forum :s) crstina is a perfectionist. owen is the pretty much prefect doctor. she wants to be seen as as perfect, strong person, he is pretty much the prefect strong doctor. she tries to ignore and forget her emotional bagage, just as he. borth have a clear personality. i smiply love cristina freom thew beginning, just like owen ( XD 'so?' like he says i dont gie a shit in just one word). and at last: the oo soo burning chemistry (508,!!!
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ya i think they'll grow on me but what about mertina

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favorites :P

1.MerDer (Just love them their so perfect for each other)

2.Burke and Christina (They were great together)

3.Izzie and Alex (He just loves here! and he was so cute in 5x10)

4.Mark and Addison

5.Alex and Addison ( I know they weren't really a couple but they were great together)

6.Owen and Christina (2 crazy people that are perfect for each other)

7.Mark and Callie

8.Denny and Izzie of season 2 def not 5!!!!!

hate hate hate!!!!!

1.Rose and Derek ( horiable!!!!)

2.George and Izzie (it destoryed their friendship)

3.Merideth and Finn ( He was awesome just not for her )

4.Alex and Ava (crzy crazy crazy)

5.Callie and Erica ( just a lil too much information :P )

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This is like my 3rd list. My opinions keep changing!

Of all time:

1. Meredith and Derek!- Oh my god! <3 best ever of all time in the historyof TV!!!!! McDreamy face melts my heart!  I WANT AN ENGAGEMENT!! 

2. Alex and Izzie- GO AWAY DENNY! Alex loves Izzy, let them be! Now, Izzy will never let go of you! (even though this is something like and anyurism) 

3. Burke and Christina- good stuff, soo cute!

4. Mark and Callie- its gonna happen for real not just sex

5. Christina and Hunt-... growing on me

6. Mark and Addison- they deserved each other  


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Hmmm....the top ten Grey's couples. Here are my thoughts:

9) Callie and George

8) Alex and Ava/Rebecca (pre her last reoccurance)

7) Mark and Lexi

6) Mark and Addison

5) Izzie and Denny (when he was alive)

4) Christina and Burke

3) Izzie and Alex

2) Christina and Hunt (there is just something about these 2 together)

1) Derek and Mereidth

Ok, so I could only come up with nine and that was a struggle some of them were tolerable at best. I was never a fan of Derek and Addison, even thought they were married, I was always a hardcore fan of Derek and Mereidth. I wasn't a fan of Mark and Callie, I was ok with before she left him for Erica. And Callie and Erica were so out of left field that I am glad she is gone.

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1. MerDer

2. Christina and Owen

3. Alex and Ava, (Before she was loopy.)

4. Izzie and Alex (Also, before she was loopy!)

5. Callie and George

6. Mark and Callie

7. Addie and Mark

8. Christina and Burke

9. Addie and Alex

10. Bailey and Tucker


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