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What do we all think will happen in Season 7?? We have long enough to wait for it so we might as well entertain ourselves with things to come haha :)

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Hmm what I wish:):

Meredith will tell Derek about the miscarriage and will get through it together.. I think this will bring them more closer than ever.

Derek in therapy. After what happened in the finale and his father shooting.. he really needs therapy. I hope Dr Wyatt return in S7.

Derek's mom back again.

The house building on the land.

More focus on Meredith's carrier. We have lots of Cris and Alex on their specialty this season and in the O.R. We need Mer to rock too. Hopefully in Neuro!

MerDer trying for a baby (later on, in the season)

More Jackson (he's so pretty to look at) with Meredith and Cristina.

More MerAlex friendship.

Shirtless Mark;)

Someone new for Alex.. he deserves to be happy and with someone who love him and fight for him. (I was liking Lexie and Alex but from what I saw in the finale, they clearly doesn't belong together)

April to go back to her father's farm. She's not a good surgeon. I'd rather operate on myself than have her as my surgeon LOL.

Not so much of Teddy (Just a few lines)




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What I want to see in season 7:

a) The Grey's-Private Practice crossover...with Derek's mom and sisters coming to check on him.... and Addison coming to check on Meredith

b) Meredith telling Derek about the miscarriage and them coming out of this stronger than ever...and eventually trying for a baby and succeeding in bringing a child into the world this time...

c) More interesting and intriguing cases

d) Lexie and Mark together

e) Izzie to return! and get back to Alex ( a girl can hope right? ;)  )


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I wish,

FIRST , owen has to go and, there is needing a better man for christina(she desevered to it)(maybe jackson)

mer and derek get a real marriage:) and a wedding then a new try for baby

mark forgets lexie and starts more interest for teddy

lexie and alex try to be together

And end of the season izzy is back(haha best season finale ever)

and i realized something that season 7 finale is the end of their resindency(c'mon... 3 years inten, 4 years residency... where is this country)  and they may probobly be a real doctor as attending(i mean xtina, mer and alex)

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This is fun! It's like writing a christmas list!!

I think that Meredith will definitely tell Derek about the miscarraige.....if she doesn't I think Cristina will so that Derek can help Meredith through it...she looked so upset when she threw the pregnancy test away.

Once they have gotten over that they will definitely try for a baby properly this time and the miscarriage will bring them much closer.

Definitely more Jackson he is YUMMY! He's great in a crisis too isn't he. He is just great :)

I Love Cristina too so I think there will be lots more surgeries to test her...which is what she loves anyway.

Mark and Lexie will get back together...Alex still isn't over Izzie after the Season Finale is he.....

I don't know what the future holds for Bailey and Ben because Ben is in Shonda's new show.

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(((((Ben is in Shonda's new show)))))

oh, i dont know that... what is the new show?

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Off the map. It got picked up!

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Good idea.

A lot of Derek in therapy. A la Mer in S4. Baby discussion between MerDer. Moving into the house in the woods! Trying for a baby. Owen to grow some balls. (Not subtle at all but I'm on the edge with him). Jackson to incorporate into the Fab...4. Alex to get a great SL. Teddy & April go to a cruise into the Bermuda Triangle and never heard from them again. More friendship moments. A decent holiday episode. Just ONE holiday. Lexie to be used as the comic relief. Some more happy moments for Bailey and Richard.

That's all I got now.

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Okay im with everyone else

I do want to see Dereks mom again!!! Loved her! But I watched a rare episode of PP and wasnt feelin it so much with Amelia

If Mer doesn't tell Derek about the misscarrage then I will be angry~! He deserves to know!

Is Jackson comming back??? I hope so, I like him

I WISH Teddy got shot... lol. Same for April! Maybe Teddy should get transferred to Seattle Pres. That would be nice or she can go back to Iraq and take April with her!

More Mark and Lexie!!!!! Alex + Lexie is WRONG!  Oh and if Izzie came back I'd probably do a tripple backflip and screamm  And Alex should go into Peds. yessss

And Cristina... Im not sure if I like her and Owen still... Mabe her and Jackson!

Hopefully we can get SOME kind of spoiler!!!

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I have been thinking about nothing else but what may or may not happen in season 7, these are my predictions I posted in another discussion.

I am looking forward to Season 7, so much happened in Season 6, but I believe Season 7 will be even better.

Does Dr Webber become chief while Derek is laid up in bed recovering from his gunshot wound? Do we see Derek and Meredith move out to the woods? Does that mean Lexie gets Meredith's house? Cristina and Owen make up, do they move in together? Lexie realizes Alex doesn't love her and she ends it with him? Mark starts persuing Lexie in a big way now that she is single again? Now that Owen has chosen Cristina. Can Owen and Teddy remain friends? Bailey and Ben how does there relationship progress? When will we see another crossover? Do we see Amelia and Carolyn Shepherd in episode 3 of Season 7, when they come to Seattle to visit Derek and make sure he is fine? Does Derek become Head of Neurology again? once he recovers, or is he still Chief of Surgery? Well I managed to think of at least 11 things that could be answered in Season 7. Do we see a double wedding with Meredith and Lexie as the brides and McDreamy and McSteamy as the grooms?Oops that's 12 things. And I haven't made any mention of Jackson Avery or April Kepner.


Other things I wouldn't mind seeing.

Meet Miranda Bailey's mum and nieces, cousins - All mentioned in 6.10 Holidaze. Meet Derek's sister's Kathleen and the yet to be named sister. More clinic - there's a free clinic - you only see the clinic if Izzie's there that shouldn't be right. Let's see returning patients. The girl who was born with boy parts, have him come back for his sexual re-assignment surgery. I think it was in Season 2, George O'Malley was talking to Bex's and the parents didn't want there daughter to know she had a testicle where her ovary was suppose to be. If Shonda is going to do more flashbacks, I would like to see Derek, Addison, Mark, Noami and Sam as Interns all under Richard Webber. More Mandy Bailey and Dr Baylow. Meet Meredith's Aunt. Season One Meredith mentions an Aunt who said tell me when, everytime she poured her a drink. Say when.

Is there anything else you think may happen in Season 7 or would like to see happen in Season 7 or maybe Season 8.

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