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New Year's day, also known as the "New Year" refers to the Gregorian calendar to January 1. But in ancient times, "New Year's day" is today's "Spring Festival",

 also is the lunar New Year.

New Year's day is a holiday in many countries, In mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and macau, New Year's day are legal holiday, Mainland China and Taiwan are 

as a legal holiday vacation days. Custom, "New Year's day" mainly in various ways to bless muntally, yera is one of the main form.

Chinese New Year's "meaning:" yuan "is started, the first meaning; "Denier" namely morning itbemorrow time, also usually contains a day of idea. Therefore 

"New Year's day" is the beginning of a year, the first day of the year. Roc, New Year's day is now before the Spring Festival 

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