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Because we really needed one here on Insider.

Here's some great new pics of TR in rehearsal for Parade to kick off our new thread:


Doesn't he look so happy? :)

Here's a link to the article:

Sound off below... anything George or TR.  Please, keep it positive.

Post away!!

~ Cindy

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I was just thinking of posting one. TR definitely needs an appreciation thread.


Thanks for the article and the photos. He looks happier than I have seen him in a long time.


Did he dye his hair?


I love the new color.

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Cindy, this is such a great idea!

Thanks for doing this. Now we have a place to post all the TR news.


I really hope someone here is able to go to Parade and give us a review.


I wish I could go, but I'm working.

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This photos are beatiful, I like the new color. He seem to be so happy, I'm glad. At least T.R is happy, poor George, he could not do.

Cindy, this is a great idea!. I hope that many more people will join us.

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I love those photos. I'm glad to see him so happy. We didn't see much of George's smile on the show the last few months.


George is the character I love the most, and TR is my favorite actor.


I'm so glad you did this.

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Hurrah a TR thread finally!

I didn't know where to post this video, but this is the perfect place.


George looked so dreamy in that uniform

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oh really good to know that


CSI Lasvegas dvd boxset is my favor

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Yes he did. Like a real prince charming


Cindy, thanks for the thread and the photos. He looks great. Anyone going to see Parade?

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Oh, yes... good question, Aubrey... is anyone going to make it to see Parade?

I'm pretty bummed b/c I'm just too far away (Northeast), so there's no way I can swing that one.

I'm still hoping to see him in NY in the winter in Lend Me a Tenor.


here's a pic to leave you with... it's from the EW Cover Article from last month:


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I love the serious thoughtful look he has on there. It's sexy.

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