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I think that Callie getting pregnant was a great character twist. I want Callie to raise the baby on her own with Mark's help. Both of them want a child and both would make great parents. I am tired with the drama between Arizona and Callie and I feel that a baby will put those two to an end.

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Well, the whole baby storyline was uselss at this point because Calzona already had too much to fix but well, with this baby storyline for Callie, Mark and Arizona, Shonda Rhimes tried to peppper her season (and make people talk about her show)... even if the story was pretty badly written! 

Helen if you read my post, don't boycoott the whole second part! It would be stupid! Ok Grey's Anatomy isn't as good as previous seasons but there still are some good moments, believe me!

Am I alone to think that the return of Addisson (I'm so happy!) is justified because Callie health? I guess that she will do the surgery on Callie, trying to save her bestfriend and the baby BUT she will fail with this one! It will be a heartbreaking for Callie, Mark and Arizona but they will deal wiith this personal drama and will go on on with their lives and at the end, Callie/Arizona and Mark/Lexie will be back together. The season 8 will be the season of babies for Meredith/Derek, why not an adoption for our lesbian couple?! (this issue being very dear to Shonda Rhimes) and for Mark /Lexie, I think they will try to consolide their couple before thinking to babies!

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This story line is stupid and ridiculous.  Seriously the most contrived nonsense I have seen on Grey's in a long time.  Yes we get the "set up" from the Sloan Sloan storyline, but that doesn't make this any less lame.

Grey's Anatomy used to tell interesting stories, instead we get lesbian baby drama cliche storylines co-opted from daytime TV soap operas.  Not to mention that Arizona has become so OOC that she is barely recongizable, and Callie has regressed back to her early season 5 self.  Baby story lines usually suck anyways, and if I wanted to see one, I'd wait for the MerDer one that will eventually happen. 

I am beyond sick of C/M/A as a threesome.  I don't know why TPTB think we actually like this threesome. Arizona wasn't the only one who felt like she was dating Mark against her will.  He needed his own life, but NO, now with this storyline that will never happen. I was looking forward to C/A dealing with their issues and Mark growing up with his relationship with Lexie.  That would have been some real adult storytelling.  Instead we get this crap that sounds like it was written by a 15 year old girl. 

If they wanted to give Mallie a baby, they should have broken up C/A permanently.  The idea that somehow this is some sort of palatable "modern family" storyline is laughable.  I love Modern Family.  That's a great show.  This storyline is ridiculous.

The only way they can salvage this nonsense is to pull Arizona out of this crap and give her her own Mallie free personal storyline.  I am less than interested in watching Mark and Arizona butt heads over Callie and baby.  Snoozefest.  If TPTB retrofitted her even more to make her stay in this "family," Arizona would be stuck raising 3 kids (Mark, Callie, and Sorbetina), and she'd be a shell of the character she once was.

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For those still on topic, and allowing yourselves to see where this goes, I praise you.

The rest, I don't see how you can judge this storyline without giving it a chance.

The only line you have heard is: "Today I found out that I am pregnant. With Mark's baby".

You heard one line, from the character who is pregnant.

At least give it 3 episodes, to see how the plot will go. Some people probably didn't like Callie and then switched for her. Some may have not liked her marriage with George. Some of you may hate her for her constant yelling. Hell, maybe you didn't like her switch from men to women. But the show is known for it's twist. E.g. This pregnancy storyline. 

But if you truly are a fan of this show, you will give it a go no matter what.

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Contrive and Force. Whatever happen to the natural evolution of a storyline.


ITA.  I remember when storylines (even ones I didn't like) were organic. Cristina's PTSD was an organic story line.  This one is anything but organic and it's been written badly so far.  When you have to change fundamental aspects of a character just to fit your story line, then there's something inherently wrong with the story line.

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I'm honestly on the fence about this storyline. Originally I was 100% against it, and while I still wish it had never happened in the first place, it did so now I just have to figure out how to deal with it. I've always liked Mark and Callie as friends only, and never really bought any romantic involvement with the two of them. 

Clearly, the writers don't intend on having them be 'together forever' or anything like that, but having a child together is a really big deal. Ugh. Anyways, I honestly feel more horrible for Arizona and Lexie - when Callie said she was pregnant with Mark's baby, all I could think was how horrible it must be for them. 

Like I said though, my brain is all over the place with this storyline, and I really don't know how to feel about it. I'm certainly not happy, and I guess I can only hope that it won't turn out to be a horrible mistake character-wise.

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The Callie/Mark/Arizona story line is not bad. People need to stop ragging on it before it fully develops. I have been watching grey's anatomy since day one, first season. they throw out the crazy one liners at the end of an episode and so far the writers have done a very good job at developing the characters through those jerkers. Every character goes through changes and evolves and i love that about this show. Each person affects every other person as if they are all literally connected. i am pretty excited to see where the writer's are going to take this pregnancy in episodes to come soon. 

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Well well well, the time has evolved now & ...Callie & Az's relationship is in tatters...& I knew it since the moment when Calls opened her mouth & delivered that memorable line:'Today I found out that I'm pregnant... with Mark's baby.'

So whatever guys you were hoping for just didn't happen, did it?..sure Calls is fine, she's got all she wanted as usual & Mark isn't too bad either, but what about Arizona or Lexie???

Why did the writers ruined this relationship is beyond me, is it something to do with the American public's difficulties to digest a happy lesbian story line?..honestly, here in Europe gay people are kinda accepted as normal adequate people, maybe Shonda & co can learn how to develop gay couples from some European shows? know where the story lines are believable & truthful and  aren't so alien & plastic, hey?

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Callie is maybe going to lose her babe. see the car accident in episode17.

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