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To come: Hook's father --- could it be Davey Jones??, also Tinkerbell of course.

To come back: Grumpy and Nova pairing, alas Cora is gone for good :( I like Robin Hood too but doesn't he have a girl on the show already? When I hear he was appearing I thought he'd make a cute guy for Regina but nope, he's taken.


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come: tinkerbell, bae's flashbacks/emma's flashbacks. 

come back: mulan, auora, phillip, august so silly that he's young again sigh!!!! n neil to not take long to find or communicate with emma.

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To come: Arielle and I'd like to see a new love for Regina

To come back: Red, August as an adult and Jefferson the Mad Hatter

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To come: New character as Regina's love interest, Ariel, Tinkerbelle, Ursula

To come back: Adult August, Robin Hood

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To come: Ariel

To come back: Adult August!! Jefferson, Red, and I hope Wendy makes an appearance again. I liked that back story

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So far what I know about season 3 is that the main cast will be their true self.

Snow will be bandit Snow, Emma will be the savior, David will be prince charming, Rumplestiskin will be the dark one, and Regina will be either the evil queen or regina (depends on which one she needs to be) to get Henry back.

Also Emma will be learning to use her magic and she will recruit Regina to help her even though her parents don't approve.

Then there will be someone who will step up to become a temporary leader in Storybrooke which probably be Belle, Grumpy, or the grandma.

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im looking forward to bandit snow

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