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Their sparks are insane! Probably the reason why I keep tuning into this show.

Relationship with Diana has no passion. Almost like brother and sister, or cousins.

But its what keeps the show interesting...the longings, the looks, stares, and the magic.

I hope they dont get together for a while. Im loving this "forbidden" romance thing going on?

Does anyone have a ship name tho?

AdCass, CassAd...ummmm help??

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They're all right.

Here are some ship names:



-Assie (my fave)




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Assie or Adsie :)

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Yeah. I feel the sparks too when they exchange look. And I agree that they should not get together for a while!

For shipping name, I'm thinking Cadass....like Badass....LOL

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it's not too early! they sizzle in their scenes. great chemistry.

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Love these two! And yes I hope they dont get together for awhile. I feel really bad for Diana though, she seems to really love Adam. I mean they have been dating for, what, 3 years? I think that's what it is. I mean I dont ship the couple, but I feel bad for Diana because Adam seems to really like Cassie. 

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I like to call them "Adassie" I think it sounds mystical and epic...perfect for this show.

They have crazy chemistry and I hope that one day these two get together. I hope Diana doesn't get jealous :)

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