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Cassie and Jake.

Melissa and Nick :'( R.I.P

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Same ^ I liked Melissa and Nick and i love Jake and Cassie !! Cassie/Adam and Diana/Adam are just not doing it for me.
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i really like Diana and Adam:)

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faye and jake. or faye and lee

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I'm shipping toward FAdam, loved them interact in "Balcoin". Think there antagonism could really make them a perfect match!

Diana and Lee, look really sweet together! And I mentioned severel times in my review comments that Lee looks like a Adam how I would Imagine him from the books! So make some body switching dead Thomas Dekker body spell.

But I love the Cake chemistry as well!

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Does Lee Labeque stay for the season ending ? Faye et him are really good together !

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My OTP in this fandom is Charles/Dawn. Chawn FTW. Everyone else can go marry whoever they want.

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