I'm guessing it's Faye. Because of what Jane said to Faye's mom. AND because of Faye and Cassie's connection in 1x07. What do you guys think ?
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I meant 1x08 :) Cassie could see little Faye remember !
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yeah that's a possibility. I only have two theories for the other Blackwell child.


1. Since Daw was said to be obsessed and worshiped John then its a possibility she threw herself to him and John got her pregnant resulting to Faye as being the other Blackwell. (most possible theory)

2. John has a sibling and im thinking of Charles, which means if Charles is a Blackwell then so is Diana. (most far out theory)

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I would love it, if Faye is her half sisther. Imagine all the Jake drama lol. And i liked these two from the beginning. Btw @PsychoticBeach i remember you from the TVD forum ! You don't go there anymore why ??
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Yeah I am thinking Faye for sure, it just makes the most sence.

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It makes the most sense with Faye because of the hint we were given through Jane and Dawn's conversation. Plus what someone mentioned earlier which was the connection that Cassie had through Faye's dreams. I think it would be really interesting for these two and their dynamics if they found out they were half-sisters. 

But at the same time, I like @PsychoticBeach's theory. Although it's far-fetched, it'll be an interesting twist. Cause right now we all assume it's Faye so if it isn't, that'll be fun to watch as  well.

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Bump ! This spam is getting ridiculous
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Yeah, it's getting pretty crazy on this thread and the TVD thread...what is with all the spam threads?

@Bella I love your name, I'm under Damon's comulsion :)

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Thanks Sarahliz !! You should add it to your name too :D
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I said it's Melissa! In slither we got to know she was searching for her mothers book, she demon possesed told it to Nick.

Faye is a pretty obvious choice and I wouldn't love them to give her any real power of her own. I love to see her struggle.

The theory of Diana and Charles being related to JB is nice to cause no body said that it's an other blakwell it's an other Balcoin.

Adam for sure not!

Jake! Uh no I don't think the writers would play with this topic after giving him and Cassie szch a strong connection and relationship. for me he seems like the Katarina Petrova he will come and play his game as he likes it when the writers need him to like it. Maybe an other armstrong cousin but Jake NOOOOO!

Dawn and Charles needed Cassie like they said in the first episode, the cile will take care of her. Now I can't assume in which way but it's probably connected to her black magic and taking it from her. So if Faye was a Balcoin they wouldn't needed Cassie and Charles wouldn't need a crystal to practice magic. SO I'M THE BEGGINIG WE AND THE ONLY POSSIBLE CHOICE IS MEL!


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