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Okay. There's no way that Nick will be back with us again every Thursdays. But if we get to choose, who will you pick from the circle to be killed off first?

Surely, it's not Nick. I mean this guy just holds a lot of potential. That bad-boys attitude and awesome lines, I'm falling in love with his character then BAM! R.I.P.

If I get to choose, I'm picking Diana.

Not that I hate her, I just think she's been underdelevoped for the past few episodes. She's supposed to be the leader of the circle but yet, we're seeing more Cassie and Faye playing the "leaders".

And imagine when Charles is forced to kill his own daughter or risk being possessed by the demon? It will be a better shocker than Nick's. And furthermore, Cassie and Adam can finally take it to the next level.

Even Melissa is getting more screen times than Diana nowadays. >.<

So, if you get to choose, which one of them should have been killed off?


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I know this sounds bad but I would want Cassie to die. I loved Nick and was waiting for him and Melissa to really devolp an actual relationship. I also think they need a Faye because every show needs that sassy bitchy girl, andAdam and Diana's scene was so cute. I guess I just dont like Cassie, I dont know what it is about her, I am just not keen on her although I know we need her for the show. I think I just dont like the actress, I did not really like her in her other show. URG, I can not think of the name but it was on the CW last year.

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Diana would have been good. I think it's safe to say that killing her off would have had an impact but no one would have missed her too much? Diana could have bit the bullet and the show would have been better for it.

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Diana, because I find her a bit annoying...I mean she's nice and all, but being a Cadam shipper, I'd rather she;s out of the way

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I don't think any of the six should have been killed off. Well, not yet anyway. Before, the only character I liked was Faye, but then I grew to like all of them. So no one for me. :)
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Melissa, she is just BLAH, there is nothing to her, she boring and one dimentional.

or Diana she is just annoying with her goodie-two shoes intentions!

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Melissa or Diana. They're both pretty useless.

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