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I was so psyched when I read about Sookie getting staked my Steve Newlin. I realize that was how she was able to enter Russel's mansion, in the book, but I'm hoping he finds a way to put that in before the season ends.


Also, the upcoming episode I Smell A Rat, I hope that has something to do with when Alcide and Sookie find the dead were in Alcide's apartment, although I'd imagine, just as when Bill almost drained Sookie, it won't go down exactly that way. I was really looking forward to her opening the closet, screaming, and then the credits rolling. (What caused them to find the body was a nasty smell, and they assumed it to be a dead rat- which is where my suspicions come from.)


I liked watching her explode and all, but Lorena's death was a big disappointment. I know I shouldn't expect it to be like the books, cause they're SO different, but still... I would have liked for it to go down more similarly. 


I realize this isn't from Club Dead. But, since it's obvious Alan Ball loves extending the roll of gay characters in the novel, I hope Claude is sexier than Russel, as described in the book. Denise O'hare is marvelous, but I wanted a sexy 20 something looking vamp. 


Maybe since Claude's a Go-Go Dancer, I'm curious as to whether or not he'll have some kind of involvement with Lafayette. Considering his plastic surgery, it's less obvious, than with Claudine, that he's Fae. 


And, I wonder if at any point in the series Hadley will be turned... Definitely Dead is such a pinnacle in the series, and reveals SO MUCH (a lot of which was broached this season) I'd hope he does it justice.


Let's hope for, at least, 5 more seasons *fingers crossed*

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I have read all the books except for the last one, with that being said:

It's nice for the tv show to be different from the books, however I wish They would keep some of the bigger scenes like in the books to the television show; I wish they would make Sookie more kick ass like she is in the books- she doesn't take shit from anyone. 

In Club Dead she is already having second thoughts about Bill, and has made out with Eric several times. I hate Allan Ball for messing with this story line; and Sookie is a lot stronger and independent in the books- she seems so dependent on Bill, it's sickening...

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