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A friend of mine is trying to raise money to make a short film starring Denis O'Hare (Russell Edgington in True Blood). Denis has signed onto the project provided we can raise the funds, so we’re using to try and get us there.

Mat is in the midst of pre-production on his short film entitled The Turner Exhibit, a passion project he has been working on for some time.  For those unaware, Kickstarter is a website where anyone can obtain crowd-sourced funding for any project they may desire. For a limited window, anyone can contribute to the project, with the understanding that if the goal (in this case $10,000 USD) is not reached, the project will not be funded via the website. In return, depending on your level of support, you will receive a reward for your generous contribution. No matter how much you are willing to contribute, you will be helping to support independent film and filmmakers, and you will have brought to the screen an engaging, rewarding cinematic experience.

The film will also star David Costabile (who was in TV shows such as The Wire, Damages, and Flight Of The Conchords). The Turner Exhibit is set to shoot on location in Baltimore, MD with a local crew. All of this is headed up by Mathew himself, who has worked in the industry for many years (including several years as the personal assistant of John Waters), and currently teaches film courses at Towson University right outside of Baltimore.

It would mean a great deal to him and myself if you would go to the Kickstarter page, view his proposal, make a pledge, and pass this on to friends and family. No amount is too small, and would go to help realize a work of cinema to share with the entire world.

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