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(title was an attention grabber, don't punch me)



I'm so tired of Chair fans being stereo typed as psychotic and crazy, the majority of us are not.


I already made a thread like this, and my threads always fail, but here it goes (and in response to anyone saying "umad" or calm down, I'm not mad, just really annoyed)




I introduce you all to: Morgan, JustJaney, Anna keep the faith, Catherine, Elena Winchester, TrueStory:P, Kousi, Marty (or martina, I think I forgot her name), 4everchuck, I am a racoon, Slimers, Ashley (Ash), and other names..(blurred memory atm..)



NO I don't think this thread will demolish the "chair fans are psychos" theory, there are probably sixty threads that are RIP saying this same thing




I just honestly think every fandom or ship has their share of idiots, and, in opinion, I think the only reason chair fans are pinned to it most, is because they were the first fanbase to grow excessively huge. I see plenty of dair fans (on and off this forum, anywhere) or any other fans, acting "chairtarded"




The list I made are chair fans that don't apply to any of the "typical chair fan" things (in my personal opinion) and in response to the butthurtness or pic spam, everyone does that it seems. (I love stella and prissila but, I admit I can't really defend them).






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