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Instead of doing one book per season, because sometimes the books just take a week and a bit, and also there's going to be over 12 books, and we're only on book 4, people are going to lose interest by then and the actors will be about forty. Does anyone else think thats a problem. Or they should make the seasons a little bit longer. 

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I actually agree.

There will be another 8 years (after season 4) and possibly more if the writer keeps going. I think they should do 24 a season by dividing them into 12 episodes for a book each. 

Doing something like a Part A and a Part B per book of the seasons. Because I for one and going to wanna see this show go all the way to the end. No, I don't wanna seem them rush it, but I'd like to see them complete it. Otherwise, the actors and actresses within the show are probably going to want to leave after season 6, 7, etc.

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i also agree. 

they can't keep the show for too many years because the actors will all age and not look like they did in season 1 anymore. but i really don't get, why they only do 12 episodes per season! does anyone know why?? i mean they are pretty successful with the show, why not increasing the budget and episodes??

maybe they could leave some of the storylines of the books out and combine others so that they are going to be less than 12 seasons for 12 books.. i haven't read the books so i don't know how close the show is to the books but maybe they shouldn't take too much of the books..

i'd rather have like 6 great seasons than 12 seasons that get boring at the end. :)

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@splendore: To answer your question on why HBO only produce a certain amount of episodes is a mystery to me too. I just know that they always stick to the same amount or eventually reduce it. For example: Six Feet Under always had 13 episodes until season 4 and 5, they reduced it to 12 for both seasons. However, something like Oz had 8 episodes per season, with the exception of season 4 that had 16 episodes. I guess HBO give each shows a certain amount that the writers request or that they feel is necessary. All I know is that I don't question HBO because they're an amazing broadcasting station and have produced some of the greatest shows in the world. :D

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i wish there were more episodes too, I think maybe because HBO shows are longer- usually 50 minutes or so instead of regular cable shows being 45 minutes or so so that's why they don't make as many episodes. Just a guess

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