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Twighlight is only good/popular because of the two mid 20 male leads and their millions of adoring fans... It's like the first New Zealand Idol I remember... the only reason the guy that came second even got that far, is cause all the text crazy teeny bopper chicks that thought he was hot chain voted for him (eventually someone else won because the final vote was decided by people who actually know what they're doing)


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Did anyone else catch the slo-mo on New Moon with Rob P?? It was the first scene he was in and just sloooowwwed down as he was walking!! How cheesy.... thats the type of thing you will NEVER see on True Blood!


I have just started watching true blood as season one has been replayed on HBO (I know I am soooo behind) but I gotta say, I have read all 4 twilight books and seen both movies and as I get further and further into True Blood- it freaking rocks! It is so much better than twilight and captures your interest better. I will prob just watch the rest of the Twilight sequel out of curiousity.

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god you guys are so harsh lol


dont get me wrong i love true blood!! but i think twilight is just as great!


twilight is a love story

true blood is well i dont really know what it is lol


 but they are both amazing series and are both VERY WELL WRITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lol, they are both interesting in their own way off course! don't understand why you don't like twilight. what about "the vampire diaries" and the other shit they're making. yuk

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too be honest i was watching twilight last night and then watched true blood,,, i turned twilight off after he started running up a tree!! twf is up with that haa and a vampire that sparkeles in the sun haaaa wat a joke biggest rubbish soo boreing,, trueblood is amazing :D i love it and i must say in twilight the only fot 1 is jacob! and in true blood BILL,, ERIC,,,GODRIC and JASON  wat u all playing at the plot thickens in trueblood soo excited! i think im addicted :) 


well lets just wait and see love trueblood lets hope they make a film from it!!!!


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Does anyone have any idea when the 2nd season comes back on HBO? I am behind on Trublood - I heard rumors that the 3rd season starts in June and I don't want to be confused when it comes back.

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I look at it this way. Twilight is vampires for little girls who can't really handle sexy men eating and feeding on humans. True Blood is for a more adult audience, hence all the sex and more gore and it takes a much more real approach to love. In Twilight it's like wow they meet they fall in love and will spend forever together. True Blood takes alittle bit more, and they fight and if you read the Sookie Stackhouse novels you get it, I won't spoil it for others. Also, vampires do not sparkle. I read an article in Seventeen magazine comparing Edward Cullen and Stefan Salvatore and said that Edward won in the category for "vamping out" because he sparkles, I almost died.

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I choose True Blood over Twilight anytime. Real vampires don't sparkle.

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ahah i like true blood for different reasons tht i like twilight. i must say i like them both very intensely tho and would pain me to choose. 

altho not a big fan of the movies of the twilight saga, 

urgh cant wait for season 3 of true blood! seriously!

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