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I never actually seen*

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It actually is inevitable to compare them. and yes it is because they have vampires. but also because they are both true blood AND twilight  two of the most popular modern vampire shows (or series or what ever you'd like to call it!) and you can also compare True blood to any other vampire show (movie) to TVD dracula, BtVS or the tons of others . . but oh wait you haven't even watched True blood. 

 agree with you that twilight isn't good though i still think there are worse things than twilight in cinematic history. espeacially since it's at least commercially successful

BUT why are you comparing twilight to 'mean girls'?? that is actually less comprehensive than twilight and true blood!!


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good point! i agree! ;)

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I think that the two shows are targeting different audiences, True Blood is more dark and adult oriented while Twilight is aimed at high school kids so it deals with issues adults would see as petty. 

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what's the facination with vampires? The only thing related to that i can watch is reruns of Buffy the vampire slayer because i love both David and Alyson (if it wasn't for her as Lily  i would never watch this show...)

Twilight - Dorky and meaningless, i fell asleep within ten minutes...

True blood - Never watched but i have no intensions to do so because i'll never be able to watch anymore vampires for the rest of my life! Those childish brats i go to scholl with tramautized me for good (and it wasn't the 1st time, there's this famous national show here that i cannot watch because they did that to me when i was 5...)

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Twilight is one of the worst things I have ever wasted my time watching/reading. The characters are one dimensional with no development or depth, and the writing is terrible in the books.

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true banger

twilight is a pussy, for true blood fans, like this.. on facebook

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lmao, im sorry but True Blood kicks Twilights' ass.first, the vampires in True Blood are not old... (well yah there old.. but they dont look it lol ). And does anybody else think that its kinda gay that vampires sparkle... :| and plus there's SEX in True Blood there's nothing wrong with that ! ;). True Blood is just way more intense than Twilight... thats all that I have to say.


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I think that True Blood won this battle.... just sayin.

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I see the can you not? Bill=Edward Sookie=Bella and Eric=Jacob...but a Vampire. Sookie cant decide between Bill and Eric..and she has a crisis at every turn!
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