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Ok...feel I need to follow up. Yes, the sparkle is fu**ing stupid! And they dont have fangs? I read the books, it never said that they dont have why didnt they put them into the movies? Oh....thats right , Catherine Hardwick completely butchered Twilight! It, if done right, could have been pretty good.....instead she set course for 4 more hack jobs due to her ball dropping on details. You cant just go back and add key details. But there are some odd things about True Blood too... They cry blood? Really? They can feed on a human without turning them? Anyway....if given s choice between the 2 I choose True Blood, its way better, more mature, and well....Eric is just effin HOT!
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This just depends on the choice. I like the Twilight . That series is just so amazing to watch and enjoy.



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According to me True Blood is best show than Twillight. bceuae I love this program a lot as well as all character of this show who are my favorite. Such a great TV program.


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I love Twilight SERIES.

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I love to watch the True Blood season more rather then the Twilight .I love to watch this show. This is really to good and also having a great fun..................

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Okay, you cannot compare these two productions for quite a number of reasons. While both productions are based on a series of novels, the crucial difference is that True Blood is a television series and Twilight a movie (obviously). The adaptation to two radically different mediums must be a factor when attempting a comparison. 

But, back to your question, let's compare.

True Blood's got as the name suggests blood & gore, sex (who doesn't like sex?) and a Southern feel (oh I love the accents).

Twilight is more sophisticated in the sense of portraying vampires as romantics and consequently combines this premise with the idea of a dramatic Romeo/Juliet showdown (in the first part). 

My pick would be True Blood IN GENERAL, but if I had to compare TB's latest season with Twilight then it wouldn't stand a chance because it was so terribly bad (probably the consequences of Alan Ball's departure). Also, both productions have a different target audience. 

In the end, TB's portrayal of vampires speaks more to me.

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Agreed that they're aimed for different audiences. But I'd take True Blood.

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Twilight was written for, to quote Pam from True Blood, "infatuated tweens"

True Blood is for adults.

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What if they make a True Blood movie as well?

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